Chicken Time Warp Review

Quick Look: Chicken Time Warp

Designer: Jesse Harding
Publisher: CrashStache Games
Year Published: 2019
No. of Players: 3–6
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: Less than 30 minutes
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scientists have developed a means of time travel. An amazing feat, but the
experiment didn’t go according to plan. A vortex has opened and, because they
only have an escape pod for one, it’s every chicken for themself!
Time Warp is a quick-to-learn draw-and-play card game that has you scrambling
as time runs out. You must get control of the escape pod and use it to get out
of this coop when the window of opportunity is open. But you are part of the
team of time scientists, which means you can possibly turn back the clock to
give you more time.
played several 4-player games of Chicken Time Warp. Each one was different
because of the randomness of the draw. We had fun and, with our group, the
chicken jokes soon became part of the play. Players enjoyed playing. One item
we all agreed on was we believe that the 14+ age recommendation is high. The
timeline adds a little more complexity to a draw-and-play game, but not much.
There is also nothing offensive for younger players.
playing, don’t get in a curry about which card to play. If you play the wrong
one, you might get fricasseed, or roasted by the other players. And in the end,
the good egg will come out on top.


player gets a character. The characters do not have any special abilities, they
are used for markers on the time line when you’re dead. It is important to know
which minute you died because someone may turn back the hands of time and bring
you back to life and into the game once again.
timeline cards are placed in order, 10 down to “Escape Window Open” (0). They
are exposed as part of a player’s turn.
start with a hand of 4 cards. Before dealing the cards, remove the black cards “You Dead” and “Time Slips Away.” Then add in the correct number of black cards
to the deck and shuffle them in for drawing during play.


turn starts with a player turning over the next card in the Timeline. This
means a minute passes in game time for every player.
next step is a player can play a card from their hand. You don’t have to play a
card. In fact, there are some cards that are best to keep handy for the draw
phase. There are “Handy Cheat Sheets” for everyone to know what the cards do,
so you don’t have to ask. Part of the game is keeping your cards secret because
it is important to have the one and only Escape Pod.
end the turn you must draw a card. All but the black cards are added to your
hand. The two black cards are resolved immediately.
you draw a “You Dead” card, you are dead. You can immediately reverse the
effects only with a “Clux Capacitor” which backs the timeline to 3 minutes
you draw a “Time Slipping Away” card, the remaining highest card is removed from
the timeline, never to be revisited in the game. This not only shortens the
time window countdown, but any chicken who died in that minute can no longer be
brought back into the game.

and Mechanics

time travel concept of Chicken Time Warp would work with any theme you wanted
to put with it. However, having chickens does remind you this is a game to be a
little goofy and just have fun. There is no heavy mechanic to create long-lasting strategy.
are a total of ten different cards that can be drawn. All have clear
instructions. You also have instructions and a little bit of strategy on the
Handy Cheat Sheets. All of them are meant to be used and probably abused as you
work to obtain and hold on to the Escape Pod.
added measure of the timeline provides a little more variability than many
other draw-and-play card games. If you are unable to make your grand departure,
you may back up time to prevent someone else from doing it.

and Components

artwork was done by the designer, Jesse Harding. It keeps the light-hearted
feel of the strategy involved and some pun time travel.
  • Easy
    to learn (it is listed for 14+, but I think you can go younger)
  • Cabin
  • Filler
  • Fast
    pace (most of our games were about 10 minutes

Time Warp is a game for a group that doesn’t want to take the game too
seriously. Yeah, there are some good twists with the timeline added to the mix.
But remember, you’re still a chicken scientist stuck in a time vortex and only
one of you is getting out without getting fried.
Who Like
  • Game
    you can socialize while playing
  • Draw-and-play

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