Kitten Cards Madness Kickstarter Spotlight

Designer: Alexia

Artist: Alexia
Publisher: Happy Blue Fish
Number of Players: 2-6
For Ages: 6+
Playing Time: 15-40 minutes

Cats love couches, pure and simple. In Kitten Cards Madness, players fight for their cats to take control of the table so their fluffy butts have somewhere to rest! A crazy card game at heart, Kitten Cards Madness boasts crazy twists and reversals as you make the couch available to only your cats.

The game itself is easy to play, which is great for beginners, yet it also targets experienced players as well. Because every game plays out differently, gameplay will stay fresh for a
long time to come! For an extra dose of fun, the cats in Kitten Cards Madness are inspired by everyone’s favorite pop-culture cats—and some from the designers, too.

With a tad of luck and a pinch of strategy, you’ll receive endless fun with many amusing and downright comedic gameplays! And while there is luck involved, Kitten Cards Madness does not
merely rely on randomness as is common in many games. Rather, players must manage their hands and make meaningful and strategic moves. Still, a little luck factor never hurt anyone, and that addition helps turn the tables when least expected, thus sowing madness and lighthearted laughter among you and your group.

With more than a hundred cards, this heavy-weight champion of a card game plays 2-6 players, and offers a fun-filled game night for both families and friends. And, feel free to tweak the rules as you see fit, adjusting the gameplay to fit with your group’s preferences.

So get your keister off the couch (so your cats have somewhere to sit), and take a look at the newest card game your gaming group will love!

Kitten Cards Madness is live on KICKSTARTER from now until July 25, 2019 and has a funding goal of $7,946.

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