OpozO Play Systems Kickstarter Spotlight

Designer: OpozO Family

Artist: N/A
Publisher: OpozO Games
Number of Players: 2
For Ages: 7+
Playing Time: 10 minutes

OpozO is not a game, but a modular sandbox—a new way for you, your family, and your friends to work and create together. With OpozO, you are able to create your own games with the tiles available. Turn your imagination into reality as you create strategic war games, duke it out on the sports field, or perhaps make something with a bit more educational content in it. Experiment. Explore the possibilities.

The game boards are in 7×5 and 6×6 sizes, making the games manageable, and limiting the time to around ten minutes a game. Instead of just one long, complicated game, OpozO is all about creating and playing many different games. And, because these games can change at your whim, there are countless possibilities to keep the same game fresh time and time again.

OpozO may not be a single game, but in reality, it is as many games as you can think of! Create  and solve challenges, re-envision games already being played by changing things up, and give your creative mind something to work with as you experiment and create satisfying and strategic games. Play games already created, or make your own—the choice is yours!

With its launch on Kickstarter, OpozO will be offering early bird incentives, so if this peaks your interest, mark your calendars and be one of the first to pledge your support for OpozO!

OpozO is live on KICKSTARTER from now until July 5, 2019 and has a funding goal of $15,000.

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