Scratch The Deck Spotlight

Scratch The Deck: A cool card game for people who love Cats!

Be the first to get rid of all your cards, plan your end game strategically to win and be the Scratch the Deck Champion.

Each player is dealt 4 cards face up and 9 cards face down. The 4 cards  face up are to be kept in hand and the 9 cards face down cannot be seen  or used until the end of the game when there is no more deck cards to draw from (9 Lives End Game).

Each turn players must lay a card of equal or higher value than the  player before, for example: on top of a 4, you can lay a 4 or higher.

As long as there are cards left in the deck, players must keep a  minimum of 4 cards in hand at all times, so, if you lay 2 cards, you  pick up 2, if you lay 1 card, you pick up 1.

If you have multiples of the same number you can lay them at the same time.

If you lay 4 or more of the same number, you can Scratch the Deck (discard the pile and lay a new start card).

Super Power Cat Cards (Can be placed on any card, almost):

1 = Can be laid on any card and is the lowest value card in the game

3 = Can be placed under the pile (Hide Card)

6 = Can be laid on any card, the next player must play a double (2 or  more cards of the same value)  or Alpha (11 or 12) card next

9 = Can be laid on any card, the next player must lay lower than a 9

10 = Can be laid on any card, the card pile is discarded and a new start card is laid (Scratch the Deck)

? = Wild Cat Card can be any card the player wants it to be

Good Cat Bad Cat

Every time you place a card of the same value of the player before,  for example: you lay a 5 on top of a 5, you pick a card up from the  ‘Good Cat Bad Cat’ deck. Good Cat Cards offer advantages to players that  can be helpful to the player (especially during the 9 lives end game)  and Bad Cat Cards make the game harder for the player.

The 9 Lives End Game

When there are no more cards to pick up from the deck, and you have  no more cards left in hand, you must play the 9 face down cards 1 at a  time, this is where Good Cat Cards can come in very helpful, starting  the 9 Lives End Game before other players will put you at an advantage  too.

The first player to get rid of all their cards wins!

A Great Game to Bring with You Anywhere!

This game is the kind of game to bring on trips or to a friend’s house to play after dinner. It’s a card based game that allows for good strategy, has a fun theme, and allows for you and your friends to play multiple times in a night.

One mechanic that I think is both simple and brilliant is how you start the game with 9 cards face down and leave them there until the end of the game. Those are your 9 lives. Already I like it. In the beginning stages of the game you’re just using the community deck of cards to try and get some advantages that pay off in the last bit of the game. When the community deck runs out, that’s when you need to fight with your 9 lives!

It seems to play like a combination of traditional trick taking games and Uno. You’re trying to play higher cards than opponents each round but also get rid of your cards first. You’ll need to work to gain advantages that lead you to victory with your last 9 lives!

Scratch your itch for the game for only $6 with a Print and Play or experience the full quality game for just $11. Check it out on KICKSTARTER before the campaign ends on May 13th 2019.


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