Cypress Legacy: The Board Game Review

Quick Look: Cypress Legacy

Cypress Legacy: The Board Game

Designer: Not Listed
Publisher: Cypress Inheritance
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 2–6
Ages: 12+
Playing Time: Minimum 1 hour

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Cypress Legacy: The
Board Game
is a strategic race game pitting the players against and against
the artificial intelligence running the security system of the Cypress Mansion.
There is no time limit on this race. You’re racing to recover enough
Inheritances, which in turn allows you to find your security key. With all that
in hand you are able to leave the mansion.
After finding Inheritances, Assets, and Weapons, you have to
keep them. Other players can steal these items from you. You need to have
enough Inheritances along with your security key when you arrive at the finish
point. If you don’t, you need to go take what you need from someone else. The
players are the only problem you’re working against.
Near the start after everyone was sent to detention

The Cypress Mansion has its own guardians. The artificial
intelligence of the mansion is watching and sending its guards to stop and
detain you. If you defeat a guarding you get to improve your movement. If you
lose the combat, losing your movement, being placed in detention, or losing
your weapon are some of the possible outcomes. Some of the Events are directed
at you while others can affect everyone.

We played two games, back-to-back, with five players. Everyone
enjoyed both games and each one of the games played out differently. The first
game went just over an hour. The second one took a little over two hours. There were
several reasons for the difference in time. Enough differences to give
replayability to Cypress Legacy—it
would be hard to duplicate the outcome of a game.
The rules were complete and easy to understand. We were able
to start after the first reading, I think we could have started as we read the
rules. We referred back to the rulebook a few times as we played the first game
and all of our questions were answered. In the second game we only had to go
back to them once.
Getting the game ready for play was easy. Everything runs on
seven decks of cards. All you need to do is shuffle them up and give each
player a Weapon card and a Reset card. Players picks a location to start from.
Then the first player draws an Event card to start their turn and the game.
There are player markers and markers for the Inheritances, along with 2 dice to go with the decks. When we moved to reset for a second
game, all we had to do was shuffle up the decks and draw the cards.
Our first game started slower as we acquainted ourselves
with the board and the mechanics of the game. Everyone picked up on the rules
quickly and the game moved along quickly. Our first game went quick because of
how the Inheritances were revealed and player positions on the board. There was
also concern that the batteries in one of the dice had gone bad with its low
We reset the game board, shuffled the decks, and went right
into a second play.
Near the end of the game

The next game went for two hours. All of us understood the game
better and were more inclined to do more preparation for player-versus-player

The level of strategy for collecting the few cards you are
able to hold and gathering Inheritances from the board or other players led to
some good-natured cross table heckling.
Theme and Mechanics
Cypress Legacy: The
Board Game
is a continuation of the theme presented by Cypress Inheritance. You don’t need to know the earlier story to be
able to play the board game. This is a standalone game that builds off of its
own strategy and has a complete storyline.
The mechanics of the game are straight forward. A turn
starts with drawing an Encounter card. Then you move through the mansion to
locate Inheritance markers, weapons, and other items to help you in your quest.
When you have enough Inheritance markers, then you locate your security key and
get out of the mansion. Other players will try to stop you by stealing the
Inheritances. The first person to reach the finish point with enough
Inheritances and their security key wins the game.
Combats are also quick and easy to complete with a single
roll of one die each by the two players involved. This pace keeps everyone in
the game. No one is waiting for very long between turns. Our 5-player games
didn’t have anyone roaming away from the table except for the necessary
bio-break and food.

Some of the cards (picture from Cypress Legacy Site)

Artwork and
The production quality of Cypress Legacy: The Board Game is high. This goes for all the
components, cards, box, and art. Everything carries the theme and expectations
set by previous releases.
The Good
  • The look is eye catching.
  • It is easy to learn, and easy to teach.
  • The simplicity of the rules led to more strategic action
    during play.
The Bad
It is printed in a gloss finish. The board and the cards
reflected light making the hard to read at the wrong angle.
Final Thoughts
The next day after we played, one of our group went to find
the game so they could order it as a gift for a friend in another state.
Players Who Like
Games of strategy pitting the players against each other as
they race for the same goal.

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