Custom Game Mats by OverPowered Kickstarter Spotlight

When it comes to game mats, having the right design for your campaign and games can be a total game changer to your overall experience. Custom Game Mats by OverPowered bring your games that much closer to perfection, with their pinpoint cut accuracy, stitch edging, and thickness (3mm). These mats are fully customizable, so you can use any image you want on any shape and size you want for your new game mat.

Love Star Wars X-Wing? Then a deep-space themed mat would be perfect. Have an ongoing DnD campaign? Add to the aesthetics with a beautiful dungeon setting. Or perhaps you’re more into card games and board games? Either way, these mats can add to the experience, help protect your miniatures and other components, and give you and your game group a unique play area that looks and feels great. OverPowered has designed over 60 unique images you can also choose from, ranging from artwork, to terrain, and to layouts of your favorite games.

Made in America, these mats come to backers in any shape and size imaginable. Simply fill out the online custom quote form on their website and then enter the given amount as your pledge on their Kickstarter page. If you’d rather have a regular 24” x 14” mat, you can get it as easy as $20. 
No matter what size of mat and type of design you end up getting, it’s bound to transform your everyday table into a proper game table.

Custom Game Mats by OverPowered is live on KICKSTARTER and has surpassed their funding goal of $10,000.

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