Widget Ridge Kickstarter Spotlight

Designer: Ian Taylor & Shawn Martinez

Artist: Matt Burton
Publisher: Furious Tree Games
Number of Players: 1-2
For Ages: 12+
Playing Time: 15-45 minutes

Widget Ridge brings a new spark to the deck-building genre. A steampunk-themed  game, Widget Ridge has players combining inventions with other inventions in order to created even larger and crazier inventions! Inventions are cards that are purchased (and otherwise acquired) and added to your deck.  Combine augments, devices, and accessories   to create full constructs, turning your original invention into something bigger, and a whole lot crazier. Use gold to buy new inventions, generate Spark, and of course, destroy your opponent’s inventions.

Widget Ridge also features Story Packs, complete with new characters and starting cards specific to those characters. Each Story Pack is based on a Widget Ridge short story, which allows for a fun read to augment your gameplay.
Widget Ridge is coming to KICKSTARTER March 27, 2019!

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