Kickstarter Recap – February 22, 2019

I once read that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. That seems early to give up, but the truth is that most resolutions are hard. We make resolutions because we want to be better in some way and to do so, it often takes hard work and sacrifice. Earlier this year, I wrote about my board game resolutions and, while it may not take the hard work that say, losing 25lbs would, it still requires a conscience decision to do better. Since I am statistically more likely to have broken them by this point, I thought now would be a good time to revisit and see how I am doing. 

First up, I wanted to look for quality over quantity when it comes to game plays. So far, I have 68 plays consisting of 35 different games. The most plays go to On Tour and Space Park and with 7 and 8 plays, respectively. I’ve recorded several plays of those two titles, but I’ve been playing them out of desire, rather than obligation. Grade: A 

Next, I wanted to be content with the current and not be so focused on the new and hot games. I have knocked 11 games off my shelf of shame (all with 1 play per), but I’ve already backed two Kickstarters (Gardens of Babylon and PARKS). So, I think I’m doing ok. Grade: B 

The third resolution was that I wanted to work on describing and discussing the subtle intricacies of games with those in the hobby, but also take the themes, mechanisms, and budget of a new hobbyist and point them to a game they would enjoy. This seems to be a weird one to self-grade. I mean, its kind of subjective. I may think that I am doing great, but others may think that I am awful. But one thing that I know is that I am terrible at teaching games, and that’s a part of it. Grade: D+

Finally, I wanted to champion the little guy and highlight games that I like from small(ish) and independent publishers. Here are a few games from smaller publishers that I have really enjoyed in 2019: Caper (Keymaster Games), DinoGenics (Ninth Haven Games), The Chameleon (Big Potato), Swordcrafters (Adam’s Apple Games), and Tortuga 1667 and Deadwood 1876 (Façade Games). Since I posted all of these on social media as I played, I feel good about this one. Plus, including this list I named three separate Keymaster titles in this blog. Grade A-  

Overall, I feel like I am on track, but there is definitely room for improvement. How about you? If you made any board game related goals for 2019, how are you doing after 50 days? Let us know on the Everything Board Games Community Facebook page, or on Twitter at @ETBoardgames.

There were several new Kickstarter campaigns launched this week, but the number one spot as decided by the Everything Board Games review staff went to Tiny Epic Tactics by Gamelyn Games. Tiny Epic Tactics takes all the tininess that you have grown to love through the other Tiny Epic games and adds 3D environment to gameplay. The game comes in the standard Tiny Epic size, but using boxes-in-a-box type design, players create an environment to battle in and explore that plays much bigger than the box size would indicate. Players can take the higher ground in 4 play modes – solo, 2-4 player competitive, 2 player cooperative, or 4 player team play. Tiny Epic Tactics is currently 2,407% funded with 12 days to go.

The second highest (and my pick) for this week is Chocolate Factory. This Euro-style game is for 1-4 players all vying to be the most profitable chocolatier. Players will need to manage employees, their factory, ingredients, and distribution. One of the unique aspects of the game is the conveyor belt mechanism that is accomplished through conveyor belt tiles that players push through the 2X thick player board. (It’s cooler than I described.) Also, its chocolate which I am pretty sure makes up 27% of my diet. Chocolate Factory is currently 276% funded with 18 days to go.

The last staff pick for the week is Waste Knights: Second Edition by Galakta. Waste Knights is a dice-rolling, pick-up-and-deliver post-apocalyptic games for 1-4 players. Waste Knights uses story-oriented game play to keep decisions fresh and players on their toes. A friend can quickly turn to foe. The game includes some good look Mad Max-esq miniatures and, that wasn’t enough of a selling point, there appear to be some sort of man-eating zombie-looing kangaroos. Waste Knights is currently 377% funded with 19 days to go.  

Other new campaigns this week include Mercenaries of Chance (2% funded with 28 days to go), Coloma (420% funded with 20 days to go), Senatus (13% funded with 22 days to go), and That’s a Wrap (32% funded with 27 days to go). 

Did you have a different pick for this week? Let us know on the Everything Board Games Community Facebook page, or on Twitter at @ETBoardgames.



Dane Trimble

Chocolate Factory

Dave Merrell

Chocolate Factory

Brody Sheard


David Jensen

Dungeons of Infinity

Stephen Gulik

Waste Knights

Alexa Chaplin

Tiny Epic Tactics

Nick Shipley

Chocolate Factory

Nicholas Leeman

Chocolate Factory

Delton Perez

Tiny Epic Tactics

George Jaros

Tiny Epic Tactics

Derek Dez Maggs

Tiny Epic Tactics

Jeremy Davis


Benjamin Kocher

Tiny Epic Tactics

James Freeman

Tiny Epic Tactics

Rodger Moore

Legends of Novus

James Reid 

Tiny Epic Tactics


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