Kickstarter Recap – November 9, 2018

Just when you think things on Kickstarter may be slowing down, we had another busy week. The Everything Board Games review team had six different titles receive votes. But while the there was a lot of differing opinions from the staff this week, there was one clear-cut winner: Welcome to Dino World. 

Welcome to Dino World is a 40-70 minute roll-and-write that can play up to 150(!) people. In this game, you are trying to build a dinosaur park and keep the enclosures electrified. This game was the winner of the GenCant roll-and-write design contest and features art by Beth Sobel. Welcome to Dino World is currently 316% funded with 13 days to go. 

Second place this week is Pipeline, a 2-4 player game where you assume the role of an oil company and attempt to increase production efficiencies while balancing the logistics of purchasing and selling oil to various markets. With a play time of approximately 120 minutes, Pipeline by Capstone Games is currently 398% funded. 

The final highlight of the week is my (Nick S) pick – Whales Destroying the World by Time Slug Studio. WDtW is a bluffing/deduction card game for 3-6 players. This game is about the impending war between whales and humans and one player who is secretly serving as a super-spy attempting to stop the attack. I like the bizarre theme and the art looks really cool. Whales Destroying the World is currently 43% funded with 35 days to go. 

Other titles receiving votes this week included Claustrophobia 1643 (976,000% funded with 7 days to go), City of Big Shoulders (89% funded with 27 days to go), and Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates! (137% funded with 26 days to go).

With another strong week of new releases, there are bound to be some titles you think should have received recognition this week. Let us know your picks in the comments below, or on the Everything Board Games Facebook group page.

Nick Shipley, EBG Reviewer



Dane Trimble

Welcome to Dino World

Dave Merrell

City of the Big Shoulders

Brody Sheard

Welcome to Dino World

David Jensen

Welcome to Dino World

Stephen Gulik

Atlantis Rising

Alexa Chaplin

Welcome to Dino World

Nick Shipley

Whales Destroying the World

Nicholas Leeman

Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates!

Delton Perez


George Jaros

Atlantis Rising

Derek Dez Maggs

Welcome to Dino World

Jeremy Davis

Atlantis Rising

Benjamin Kocher

Welcome to Dino World

James Freeman

Claustrophobia 1643


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Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates!


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