Kickstarter Recap – November 30, 2018

Today is the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Thriller – the best-selling album of all time with over 66 million copies sold. What does that have to do with the EBG staff Kickstarter picks for the week? Nothing, but sometimes intros are hard and you just have to start typing. 

The top vote recipient (with double the votes of the second place game) this week from our staff is Miner’s Lagoon, a Euro-style worker placement game for 2-4 players. Players will have to manage their resources and use equipment to gain actions that would otherwise be unavailable. With multiple ways to win, players have to carefully decide their next action. Miner’s Lagoon is currently 30% funded with 20 days to go.  

Next is Nemo’s War: Bold and Caring and Dramatis Personae Expansions. These expansions to Nemo’s War (Second Edition) add new adventure motives, apparatus upgrades, adventure cards, and a new finale. Nemo’s War is for 1-4 players and the expansions are currently 251% funded with 18 days to go. 

The other games receiving votes this week are Roll to the Top! Laminate and Roll to the Top and Bottom, a roll and write game for 2-5 players (114% funded with 19 days to go), QE: An auction board game with unlimited money, an auction game for 3-5 players (145% funded with 13 days to go), and finally, Monster Slayers of Slawia, a card game for 1-5 players (11% funded with 19 days to go). 

Did anything catch your eye on Kickstarter, or do you want to share your favorite album of all time? Let us know on the Everything Board Games Facebook Group, or on Twitter at @ETBoardgames.



Dane Trimble

Miner’s Lagoon

Dave Merrell

Roll to the Top!

Brody Sheard

Nemo’s War: Bold and Caring & Dramatis Personae

David Jensen

Miner’s Lagoon

Stephen Gulik

Miner’s Lagoon

Alexa Chaplin

Roll to the Top!

Nick Shipley


Nicholas Leeman


Delton Perez

Nemo’s War: Bold and Caring & Dramatis Personae

George Jaros


Derek Dez Maggs

Miner’s Lagoon

Jeremy Davis

No Pick

Benjamin Kocher

Miner’s Lagoon

James Freeman

Monster Slayers of Slawia


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Sky Tear


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