Kickstarter Spotlight: What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner?

Designer: David Daniel Lee
Artists: Luz Dary Amaya
Publisher: A La Carte Games
Year Published: 2019
No. of Players: 2-6
Ages: 13+
Playing Time: 20-30 minutes

What's for Dinner? Card Game by A La Carte Games
The answer to perhaps the world’s most unanswered question has finally arrived, and it’s in the form of a card game. What’s for Dinner? pits players against each other in order to have the most enjoyable meal, all while catering to their individual eating Traits. Picky eater? Lactose intolerant? These are just two of the traits players can choose from, one being visible to all players, the other hidden from public knowledge.

What's for Dinner? Card Game Eating Traits Picky Eater Lactose Intolerant
During the game, players roll the custom Food Die—marked with symbols matching the five main food groups, plus bacon (as a wild)—and choose one Meal card from the Food Pyramid that matches the symbol on the die. If that Meal card happens to be something your trait would rather you not eat, then you can use a Wallet card (i.e. pay) to play a different Meal card that won’t rankle your taste buds. Wallet cards are gained by turning down a particular meal. Score additional points for eating meals your Trait approves of, and when the last Meal card is gone, the game ends.

What's for Dinner? Card Game Food Pyramid A La Carte Games
What’s for Dinner? is a light card game that’s quick to play, perfect as a filler game (that won’t make you too full for dinner), a game to take on the go (as you take your food to go), and of course, to help answer the pre-meal question (what to eat).

Orders are being taken for What’s for Dinner? on KICKSTARTER between now and September 27, 2018, and has a funding goal of $7,500.

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