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We hereby introduce our second new release for Spiel 2018: Counterfeiters. This game is situated in Miami, Florida and lets players compete to be the best counterfeiter. Players assume the role of anthropomorphic figures and while being protected by the godfather (a lion), they try not to pay him too much for the offered protection. Underwhile, the police (a bear) is investigating the counterfeiting industry, quickly making lower quality counterfeited money useless.

In Counterfeiters, players each have three animal pawns and place their workers in turn order, immediately executing the associated action. Players can buy component cards on the black market, improving their oppurtunities for both printing fake money and processing it. Of course, players will exchange their fake money for real money and try to keep it away from the godfather, by putting it away in an offshore account


The author of Counterfeiters is Olivier Bourgeois, the game accommodates 2-4 players and takes 35 minutes to play. The game is wonderfully illustrated by Ian O’Toole. Here is an excerpt from the game rules:

“Players act as Counterfeiters, printing fake bills and exchanging them for the real thing. The Godfather can help them avoid the police, but his protection comes at a cost… The game ends when the police complete their investigations into the counterfeiting industry; the winner will be the player with the most ‘real’ (non-counterfeit) money!”

The first playable production copy will be available in our booth (#1556) at Gen Con! The English rules for Counterfeiters can be found here, for other languages take a look at the bottom of the Counterfeiters game page. Please send an email to info@quined.nl if you would like to receive this text in Dutch, German or French.

This game will release at Spiel 2018, and is available on Kickstarter, launching early August. More information on this Kickstarter campaign will follow shortly.

3D Box Counterfeiters

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