Kickstarter Spotlight When Cutie Met Patootie

When Cutie Met Patootie        

Designer: Daniel Zayas

Artists: Illustragus 
Publisher: The Daniel Zayas Company  
Year Published: 2018
No. of players: 1-4
 10+ Recommended
Time: 30-45 mins

In When Cutie Met Patootieplayers take a secret Citizen card and three path cards, then they randomly assemble the Alaskan shore visitor cards in a row of ten and place the corresponding Visitor pieces on their card. The end of the game is triggered when one visitor reaches the top. 

Players take turns playing a path card each turn. Path cards can be used in multiple ways: build the growing map, help visitors collect sprite gems, or spend those sprite gems to advance visitors along the built map. When building the map, players can connect only to the existing path to create a pyramid shape, ever tightening the forest path!

To determine a winner, players reveal their secret roles, each detailing specific sprite gems for which they earn points. Players tally points based on the location of visitors holding their designated sprite gems. The person with the most sprite gem points wins!

When Cutie Met Patootie is the first game of The Entanglement Series by The Daniel Zayas Company. This game ships with a mini-expansion titled The Man Who Moves the Water, which allows for solo play.

When Cutie Met Patootie is on KICKSTARTER from now until June 29, 2018 and has a funding goal of $10,765.

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