Castles and Dragons Kickstarter Spotlight

Castles & Dragons, from designer Marcin Malinowski and publisher El Fenix Games, is an fantasy board game that uses economic and area control mechanics. It is for 2-4 players, plays in 120-180 minutes and is recommended for ages 12 and up. El Fenix Games is seeking £25,000 in funding on KICKSTARTER which will go live September 1, 2017.

As a Lord you start Castles and Dragons defending one realm then as the game progresses you use your resources to conquer the rest of the world either by force or by uniting the people together. You will test your bargaining skills in a supply and demand market and create pacts with other Lords to make your way to the crown quicker. Later you will break alliances and destroy opponents by sending spies and troops into their lands. You will expand your kingdom by building villages and cities and protect them by raising castles and wizard towers. Every move you take influences the happiness of your people so be careful not to dissuade your subjects. When you have developed enough land you will be able to become a country, but if or when it falls to the ground your people will assassinate you. Will you accept the challenge?

Castles & Dragons is played over ten rounds which are tracked along the top of the board and signifies a year in the history of Mortron. A turn is then split into eight phases in which each player will perform their own actions before moving on to the next phase. The sequence of play will all depend on the which phase players are in.

The phases are as follows:

Phase I – Taxes and Resources
Phase II – Upkeep
Phase III – Alliances (only for 3+ players)
Phase IV – Trade
Phase V – Building
Phase VI – Expeditions
Phase VII – Battles
Phase VIII – Happiness

The game will last until everybody has resolved phase VIII in the 10th round/year or when someone has formed a country (in which case the game will last one more turn, unless the country was formed during the 10th round).

The winner of the game is determined by calculating victory points. Players receive a certain number of victory points from the happiness of your people, buildings you have created, and missions you have succeeded in. If you accomplish all three missions then you will earn bonus victory points. Lastly forming a country will also earn a player bonus victory points as well. The player with the most victory points will be the mightiest ruler in Mortron and the winner of the game! 

Castles & Dragons is on KICKSTARTER between now and September 30, 2017.


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