New Crowd Funded Games – May 12, 2017

Village of Legends
From: Pelotology
Ends: May 31, 2017
Goal: $10,893

Village of Legends is a two to six player deck building/dueling game where players choose a unique Hero and enhance them throughout the game by combining their individual skills with purchased items from the market including; weapons, spells, scrolls, treasures, and more. Players can also hire creatures to do their bidding and distract their opponents preventing them from accessing the market. By killing opponents monsters Heroes gain experience points and learn new abilities by reaching defined XP levels becoming even more powerful.
Village of Legends was created by Italy native Lorenzo Lupi who also provided all of the artwork for the game.


Light Hunters : Battalion of Darkness
From: DTDA Games
Ends: May 28, 2017
Goal: $10,872

Light Hunters is a Heroic Fantasy dueling card game for 2-8 players which plays in 30 minutes or less. In Light Hunters players will be drafting their team of heroes and using Spirits of Light cards to activate their unique powers and crush their opponents. Games can be played one-on-one or in teams up to four per side.

Light Hunters offers haunting yet beautiful water color artwork and unique size character cards which will certainly make gamers take notice. It is currently on Kickstarter between now and May 28, 2017 and only costs about $21 US  (plus $5.50 for shipping) for the base game. Be sure to check this one out!


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