Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness Kickstarter Spotlight

A week ago I was approached by DTDA Games to check out their new game Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness, which is on Kickstarter now, and with one look I was hooked.

Light Hunters is a Heroic Fantasy dueling card game for 2-8 players which offers haunting yet beautiful water color artwork not typically seen in games like this.

In Light Hunters players will be drafting their team of heroes and using Spirits of Light cards to activate their unique powers and crush their opponents. Games can be played one-on-one or in teams up to four per side.

The game boast a quick play time of thirty minutes or less making it a great game-night-filler or one that will hit the table multiple times in one night. Along with the beautiful artwork the character cards have a unique shape that will be sure to turn heads at your FLGS or Con.

Light Hunters: Battalions of Darkness is on Kickstarter between now and May 28, 2017 and only costs about $21 US  (plus $5.50 for shipping) for the base game. Be sure to check this one out!


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