New Featured Kickstarter Games – April 28, 2017

Flippin’ Off
From: RedwoodVentures
Runs April 24 – May 24, 2017
Goal – $10,000

The craze of tossing and landing a partially filled plastic water bottle in an upright position continues to captivate children and adults across the country. RedwoodVentures is taking that craze to an all new and exciting level by launching Flippin’ Off, a fun and frantic bottle flipping game where you test your skills, learn new flips, and win more caps!

After months of painstaking research, trying to find the most perfect and awesome bottle for the flippin’ game, we decided to take it to the next level. Our bottle heckles you by making burping, barfing and farting sounds when your flips are a fail. But don’t get your feelings hurt, the bottle also cheers when you stick the landing! First, pull a trick card. If you land your trick, you get to keep the card. The first player to get five cards, wins. But you better be fast, because while your flipping, other players are rolling the die, trying to steal the bottle away from you. Watch out for Chance Cards and Cheater Caps adding to the fun. Did we mention that the bottles burp, fart and cheer? Chance Cards: Land your trick in one try and collect a power card. This card can be used to trump all other play by initiating power moves in the game or awarding the holder with Cheater Caps that provide a more stable base for the bottle to land on.

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