New Featured Kickstarter Games – March 17, 2017

Politics with Allies
Runs March 21, 2017
Goal – $20,000

Politics with Allies is a strategic card game that is best played within 3-7 players and it takes between 15-30 min playing time. This game requires tactical deployment of your cards so by the time the game is over (the last shuffled card on the deck is picked up) you are holding the ally cards with the highest valued resources or/and you are the most powerful player (the president)..

Coming Soon…https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/690445897/1043191090?token=badc01cf

Coming Soon.

Not My President
Runs March 14, 2017 thru April 14
Goal – $5,000

You’re at an election-night party with some friends or family when the discussion turns to politics. Rather than the usual, snooty, liberal echo chamber that you never leave, you hear something… odd… the sound of a Trump Supporter in your midst. The goal of Not My President is to figure out who the secret Trump Supporters are among you, or, if you are the Trump supporter, to turn everyone else against each other!

Based off the popular game Mafia, Not My President is a high-energy, 3-12 player game of deception that lasts 5-10 minutes per round. Using your best poker face, diversionary tactics, and a lot of finger pointing, the goal of Not My President is to either find the Trump Supporters amongst you, or, if you are one, to keep yourself hidden through any means necessary. Lying, spreading chaos, and blaming others are highly encouraged tactics. The game begins when players randomly select and privately view a “role card,” dividing the party into two groups: Trump Supporters and Reasonable People. Players then close their eyes for the election night. During this phase, the free app guides you through the special abilities of your assigned roles. Players secretly swap cards, change identities, and cause more mayhem than a private email server. When everyone has taken their turn, players open their eyes, and the accusations begin. After 5-10 minutes, players vote for who they believe to be the most likely Trump Supporter. If they’re wrong, the Trump Supporters win. If they’re right, it’s probably fake news, and the Reasonable People win.

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