Manaforge Partner Review Spotlight

Designer: Bryan Kline
Publisher: Mystic Tiger Games
2-4p | 45-90m | 13+

Quick Review – Manaforge – Kickstarter Preview

Recently it seems like the latest theme fad has been the four basic elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. I recently reviewed both Element from Rather Dashing Games and Dragon Dodge from Hidden Creek Games and really liked both. There have also been a slew of similarly themed games on Kickstarter recently, and here I am getting ready to review yet another. There’s a reason the four elements are a perennial favorite. Where as other heavily used themes like zombies, Cthulhu, farming, or dungeons have specific mechanical genres that they work best in, the four elements work in so many different situations, from abstract games to deep, thinky euros, to action packed amerithrash games.

Manaforge is the latest in a slew of games that use this theme to drive the gameplay experience. Does it stand out in the crowd? Does it bring something new to the theme? Or does it get lost in the alchemical melting pot? Read on to learn more about Manaforge.

Manaforge is a dice based resource management and engine building game for for two to four players that takes about 20-25 minutes per player.  It’s available on Kickstarter right now (through April 29, 2017) and will be available for $40, including US shipping.

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