Everything Board Games Network Top Tens – 2016

There are a lot of Top 10 lists floating around out there so we thought we (Everything Board Games Network) would put together our own Top 10 Games We Have Reviewed in 2016 list. Combined we posted 77 reviews this year. This number does not include the many games the George, Jeremy, and Derek posted on their own sites.

Jeremy Davis – GameGeekNinja

10. Steam Park – Review Link
9. Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age –  Review Link
8. Spires –  Review Link
7. Fuse –  Review Link
6. Super Hack Override –  Review Link
5. Lanterns –  Review Link
4. Time Stories –  Review Link
3. 5 Minute Dungeon –  Review Link
2. Happy Salmon –  Review Link
1. Pandemic Legacy – Playing this game was truly one of the best gaming experiences I have had ever. Me and my wife played it 17 times and were completely enthralled the entire time. It was so great that I went out and bought another copy to play with my regular gaming group of 5 people (so I’m not even playing this time just running the game for them -and still having a blast). My absolute favorite game this year. Review Link

George Jaros – GJJ Games

10. Game of Energy – Review Link
9. Flag Dash – Review Link
8. Starving Artists – Review Link
7. Battle of Durak – Review Link
6. Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age – Review Link
5. Empire Engine – Review Link
4. Cabaret – Review Link
3. Rollet – Review Link
2. Unmasked: Dracula’s Feast – Review Link
1. Radiant – Radiant is definitely one of the best Kickstarter games I’ve previewed. The art is great, and Radiant is a wonderful mix of trick taking, area control, and drafting. For such a great game, it’s a shame that the first Kickstarter campaign wasn’t successful. Keep your eye out for a relaunch coming soon though. This is a great game that deserves so much more attention than it got during its first campaign! By Randal Marsh. Review Link

Derek Maggs – Australian Tabletop Gaming Network

10 – Pod-X – Review Link
9 – Dear Leader – Review Link
8 – Ember: The Magical Card Game – Review Link
7 – Ascended – Review Link
6 – Lanterns: The Harvest Festival – Review Link
5 – Ahead in the Clouds – Review Link
4 – War Co. – Review Link
3 – Smiths of Winterforge – Review Link
2 – Super Hack Override – Review Link
1 – Mechs vs. Minions – Although I haven’t quite finished the review for Mechs vs. Minions, it is currently in the works. But this is hands down the best game I have played in a long time. It is clever, extremely well thought out and is far better than I expected. I have played several games from Companies using an existing IP that they have tried to turn into a board game; the care & thought Riot Games has used to produce this game is very impressive. To the point where I would say this could be this generation of Board Gamers HeroQuest.

Dave Merrell – Everything Board Games

10- Alien Entity  – Review Link
9- Steal the Cookie – Review Link
8- Tamps – Review Link
7- Demon Espionage – Review Link
6- Highest Bidder – Review Link
5- Xenofera – Review Link
4- Universal Rule – Review Link
3- No Honor Among Thieves – Review Link
2- Skiwampus – Review Link
1- Breaker Blocks – I’m a sucker for strategy games! … I’m a sucker for Breaker Blocks!… Easier than chess, deeper than checkers, best two player game I have played in a long time. Review Link

Dane Trimble – Everything Board Games

10 – Heroes and Tricks – Review Link
9 – Flag Dash – Review Link
8 – Oh My Sheep! – Review Link
7 – Project Dreamscape – Review Link
6 – Radiant – Review Link
5 – BattleGoats – Review Link
4 – Smiths of Winterforge – Review Link
3 – Wizard’s Academy – Review Link
2 – This War Of Mine – Review Link
1 – Hero Realms – I am a huge fan of Star Realms and when I heard that White Wizard Games was coming out with a fantasy themed version I was excited to say the least. Hero Realms certainly lived up to the hype for me as it built upon the solid Star Realms engine and added a few nice tweaks like the champions and Hero Packs. Although there were many other games I enjoyed reviewing in 2016 this one was able to edge them out. – Review Link


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