New Game Giveaways – November 11, 2016

Tactic Games USA Alias Giveaway! Ends November 11, 2016.

IELLO Games Kanagawa Giveaway! Ends November 15, 2016.
12 days, 12 lessons, 12 copies of the game to win! From November 4th to 15th.

Asmodee North America Via Nebula Giveaway! Ends November 17, 2016.

Fireside Games Castle Panic Engines of War Giveaway! Ends November 23, 2016.

Legion Supplies DragonStone Mine Giveaway! Ends November 30, 2016.

SAHM Reviews Mega Giveaway Day 2 – Best of the Worst Giveaway! Ends December 9, 2016.

Magic Circle Games Harry Potter Hogwarts: Battle A Cooperative Deck Building Game Giveaway! Ends Unknown.

See all the Giveaways we have found HERE!

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