Dized the Rules Alternative

If you are anything like me you like to read the rules to games before you sit down with your group to play. There is less downtime and less of a chance for errors. On the other hand you may not like to read the rules and want to jump right in. If that is the case there may be a tool just for you—Dized!

Dized, from Playmore Games, is an application for your smart device that uses interactive tutorials to teach board games. The application guides you through game setup, game play and can also be used as a rules reference. Another cool feature is up-to-date rules which can account for rule changes in second editions and such.

Currently there is only one game available on the platform—Race to the North Pole, also from Playmore Games. More games are expected to be added in late 2016.

You may be wondering how this can compete with the number of video tutorials that are now available online. Playmore answers this question on their FAQ:

“Videos can be a great way to learn a game especially if you have time to view the video before you play. The problem with videos are that they aren’t interactive or very easily upgradeable. It’s difficult to find answers to specific situations and videos rarely let you start playing immediately”.

While I do like reading the rules, I also think it would be great to have a way to quickly learn a game and have a ready reference. The official app is being released in September 2016, in the meantime check out Dized for yourself at dized.com

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