Kickstarter Spotlight Digital Game Aides – June 1, 2016

I love playing X-Wing Miniatures, from Fantasy Flight Games, with its beautiful miniatures and tactical dog fighting it is hard to beat. Although the game is awesome I have a hard time finding opponents to play. I have searched online for different ways to play it solo and have recently found someone working on a mobile app that may fit my need—Digital Game Aides.

Digital Game Aides “enables people to play a popular aviation tabletop wargame without a human opponent! This is called “solo” or “solitaire” playing. The software, which is operated on a mobile device, bases it’s actions on input from the user together with a few internal dice rolls and other actions that prevent the software from being predictable. The input from the user is the situation of the AI’s “target”. Think about distance, heading, maneuverability etc. etc.

The software generates and internal grid and then checks for each available maneuver how suitable it is. It then picks from the best available maneuvers which to perform.”

Currently the software includes Wings of Glory and plans to expand to Star Wars: Armada and Sails of Glory. I also talked with the creator and thankfully he plans on including X-Wings Miniatures.

An early version of this software is available at www.daanherman.nl, and supports Wings of Glory, and if you are interested you can support the Kickstarter campaign HERE.


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