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About Everything Board Games

Since 2009 Everything Board Games (EverythingBoardGames.com or EBG) has been dedicated to help board game lovers find great games and game designers/publishers find an audience of gamers.

EBG Average Monthly Stats:
Blogger Stats - 55,000 Page Views
Google Analytics - 2,500 Users & 10,000 Page Views
Similarweb.com - 35,000 Site Visits

EBG has 5,135 Facebook followers, 5,598 Facebook Community Group Members, 7,634 Twitter followers, 10,000 newsletter subscribers, and 837 Instagram followers.

From established game publishers to Kickstarter campaign managers we have many different ways you can reach out to our audience of board game enthusiasts.

Updated 2/4/2019

We offer many different options to promote your product to our audience including:


Spotlight Post highlights your product with links back to your website or Kickstarter page. Is posted once, featured on the home page, then shared via social media.
  • $40 per post 
Banner ad (2 positions) runs at the top of every page and links back to your site. Up to 6 ads may run at a time.
  • $40 per month - 728 px wide x 90 px tall
Tower ad that runs on the side of every page and links back to your site. Up to 5 ads may run at a time.
  • $30 per month - 250 px wide x 250 px tall
Facebook Page Header is at the top of our Facebook page for two weeks.

  • $50 per week - 1640 px wide x 630 px tall

Facebook Community Group Header is at the top of our Facebook Community Page for two weeks.

  • $50 per week - 1268 px wide x 670 px tall (live material 1175 x 470)

Newsletter/Sponsored Emails

Newsletter Banner ad that goes out to over 10,000 gamers weekly and links back to your site.
  • $40 per month - 728 px wide by 90 px tall
Newsletter Spotlight highlights your product with links back to your website or Kickstarter page on our weekly newsletter that goes out to over 10,000 gamers.
  • $150 per newsletter
Sponsored Email that goes out to our 10,000 newsletter recipients highlighting your product with links back to your website or Kickstarter page.
  • $300 per email
Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Packages

Kickstarter Package #1 includes: Spotlight Post and Banner Ad on web 
  • $60.00 per month
Kickstarter Package #2 includes: Spotlight Post, Banner Ad on web and Newsletter banner
  • $75.00 per month
Kickstarter Package #3 includes: Spotlight Post, Banner Ad on web, Newsletter banner, and Newsletter Spotlight
  • $175.00 per month (Limit one Newsletter Spotlight)
If you are interested in advertising with us or would like more information please Contact us.

Board Game Reviews/Previews

Everything Board Games offers board game reviews and Kickstarter previews. You can see our work HERE. This is a free service however games must be shipped to us free of charge. We will return or forward the games to other reviewers, however we require a prepaid shipping label or reimbursement. We also do not to do print-and-play games unless the printing is minimal or reimbursed.

For Kickstarter previews we appreciate final copies of the game once the campaign has fulfilled as a courtesy to our reviewers.

If you are interested in having us review your game or do a video how to play please Contact us.

Board Game Giveaways

Please contact The Giveaway Geek for your giveaway needs.

Editing and Design Services

There is a lot that goes into creating a board game and bringing it to life and many designers/publishers don't have the resources to maintain a full staff to handle all the nuances. That is where Everything Board Games comes in. We offer professional services in the following areas:
  • Rule book editing and writing
  • Kickstarter page editing
  • General editing for any game needs
  • Story/Lore writing
  • Layout/Design for rule books
If you are interested in our editing or design services or would like more information please Contact us. Also check out our editing services page.


"I got a lot of traffic due to the contest [Bullfrogs]. Thanks so much for the opportunity."
Keith Matejka
Thunderworks Games

"The contest [Project Dreamscape] looks like it's going GREAT, by the way! I've received so many new followers and FB likes! You rock!!!"
Ben Haskett
Undine Studios

"I am thrilled with the contest [T-Shirt Giveaway]! Absolutely thrilled. This has been the best contest I've be a part of so far for sure."
Chris M. Cormier
Geeky Goodies

"I do not think I would have funded [Dragon Draft] without your help...

What you are doing for the gaming community and for new game designers is just amazing. Truly...

If you are new bringing a project to Kickstarter, you should most certainly use EverythingBoardGames. I will tell anyone I meet to do the same! I stated with 0 followers on Twitter and now have over 400. Follow it yourself to learn about new and upcoming games. Advocates for self-publishers and indie game designers are priceless, this is one of them! Thank you thank you thank you to Dane!
Joe Hout
Dragon Draft

"This [Rising Sun Giveaway] has been fantastic. I've been able to bring awareness to my games and upcoming board game community launch, as well as give someone a game they will really enjoy."
Joe Slack
Crazy Like a Box

"You guys are great! Very professional. Dave did a great job [Burst My Bubble Review]!"
Dan Crutchfield
Purple Potato Games

"This [Electromagnate Giveaway] has worked out great." "Everything Board Games will get your work in front of everyone that loves board games."
John Rapacciuolo
Annadale Comics

"I have a new, much nicer-looking version of the game, thanks to your excellent review :) So thank you."
Johan Dahlberg

"We have contacted and worked with a number of reviewers and I have to say you stand out as true professionals."
Robin Luft-Kite
Pelta Games

"The contest brought a good visibility and will surely do it again for our next game."
Tabula Games

"The giveaway has been hugely successful by my standards, thank you again for everything."
Steven Gallo
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