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Matthew Coyne
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Nick Shipley
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Cowboy Steve
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Adam Yuhasz


How do I become a Patreon Member?
Visit us on Patreon.com and look through the pledge levels along the right-hand side of the page. Once you have found the level that fits you the best click the "Become A Patreon" button in the upper right of the page.

Why don't you offer extra entries for members any more?
It was brought to my attention that it is not legal to have people pay money for entries of any kind. There was a grey line I was towing so I decided to move away from the line completely.

How do I enter the Patreon Giveaways?
All Patreons are automatically entered into the monthly giveaways. You must be a Patreon by the 1st of the corresponding month to be eligable.

What is the Game of the Month?
Pledge levels of $25 or higher will be sent a Game of the Month (chosen from three). Each level will have different games offered each month based on their tier. You must be at one of those levels by the 1st of the corresponding month.

When do I receive my game of the month?
Game of the months will be shipped out no later than the 10th of each month.

When are my funds withdrawn?
Funds are withdrawn at the first of each month. If you cancel your EBG Patreon membership before then you will no longer be eligible for any of the reward levels.

Why should I become an EBG Patreon Member?
We are seeking your help to push EBG to the next level. We really enjoy what we do and would like to do it even better.
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