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A huge thank you to all of our supporters on Patreon.

Gold Members
Eric Schwartz
Bronze Members
Caleb Schwartz
Ridley Skorps
Tony Simpkins
Jerell Maneja
Bobbi Beeson
Matthew Coyne
Chris Atwood
Kori Joyce
David Cauchon
Jeremy Skrdla
Nick Shipley
James Livermont
Tom Walker
Greg L
Tony Miller
Jennifer Wilson
Frank Martinez
Jorge Silva
Unfiltered Gamer
Zoltán Varga
Heather Newton
Elliot Lachman
Don "ksuquix" Eisele
Watch It Paint It
Jason Peterson
Shamus The Tinker
James Flemming
Ryan McLean
Paul Mazzoni
Jeffrey Bradshaw
Andy Myers
Deborah Cutler
The ilovecomix Archive
Josh Damron
Victoria Hennings
Sarah Reed
Vince Rostkowski
Matthew Demski
Dennis Luk
Kevin Burkhardsmeier
Jack Fleming
Mark Wynn
Or Shkol
Nathaniel Mosher


How do I become a Patreon Member?
Visit us on and look through the pledge levels along the right-hand side of the page. Once you have found the level that fits you the best click the "Become A Patreon" button in the upper right of the page.

How do I get my extra entries in the general EBG giveaways?
ALL pledge levels receive extra entries in ALL EBG giveaways depending on the level they are at. For example the $1 pledge level gives you 25 extra entries per giveaway. These are extra entries NOT automatic entries. You must complete at least one action for each giveaway in order to be entered in that giveaway. We prefer that you do an action that involves the sponsor. After all the help make all this possible.

How do I get my entries in the EBG Patreon Member Only giveaways (EBGPMOG)?
ALL pledge levels receive automatic entries in ALL EBGPMOGs depending on the level they are at. For example a $1 pledge gives you 1 entry per giveaway.

What is the Gold Member Game of the Month?
In addition to the extra entries in the EBG giveaways and automatic entries in the EBGPMOGs, Gold Member's also receive a board game of the month. Three new board games are picked each month to choose from.

When are my funds withdrawn?
Funds are withdrawn at the first of each month. If you cancel your EBG Patreon membership before then you will no longer be eligible for any of the reward levels.

Why should I become an EBG Patreon Member?
Free games of course! Well simi-free games. No in all seriousness we are seeking your help to push EBG to the next level. We really enjoy what we do and would like to do it even better.

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