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With all that goes on in the life of game designers and publishers, some things can fall between the cracks. Your initial presentation through text, be it in your rulebook or on your Kickstarter campaign, can lead to either a good first impression or a questionable one. Simple spelling errors, typos, and grammar mishaps can cause a customer to question the overall quality of a product. Rulebooks that don’t flow well and that come across as overly wordy and confusing can be a turn-off for an otherwise excellent game.

Whether or not you consider yourself a writer, having a good editor is key to producing strong, confident products. (In fact, even the best writers have an editor.) The following describes the various editing services we provide. If you have a project you need looked at but don't see it falling into any of these categories, feel free to send us a message and we can discuss your project on an individual basis.

Rulebook Editing and Writing
Before anyone can play your game, they need to understand the rules. Just like any manuscript—be it a novel, technical document, or academic article—your rulebook* should be as clean as possible before making its way into people’s homes. Our rulebook editors are highly experienced copyeditors and fully immersed in the wonderful world of board games.

Rulebook Editing – Proofreading: $0.02 per word (minimum $50)
Have you been finalizing your rulebook so many times that it’s all starting to run together? If so, this service gives you one last set of eyes to catch any errors that may have slipped past your vigilant scrutiny. As every writer knows, the more eyes on a project before it goes to print, the better. With proofreading, we will check for:
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Typos
  • Capitalization
  • Other major and minor errors
Please note that proofreading is not a full-fledged developmental edit, but rather a final sweep to catch any overlooked errors. Rate may vary depending on the amount of work needed on it.

Rulebook Editing – Copyediting: $0.10 per word (minimum $50)
Once the first draft of your rulebook is complete, the next step is to send it out for polishing. With this copyediting package, we’ll structure the content to help it achieve the best coherency, voice, and tone for your game. We’ll examine the rules, terminology, and other aspects of the rulebook to ensure everything is consistent, inclusive, and accurate. And, of course, we will tackle all the technical issues as well, including punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.

This rulebook copyediting package includes three passes, as well as a final proofreading once it’s all laid out and ready to go.

*Please note that if your game has text on a game board, cards, or other components, we will want to look those over as well to ensure everything is as clean and accurate as possible. This is part of the word count for the editing rate, so please plan accordingly.

Rulebook Writing: Rate varies (average: $0.40 per word)
Writing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. It can be difficult work—even more so when trying to explain complicated mechanics as simply as possible. Our rulebook writers have a solid history of writing, including fiction, company blogs and articles, academic articles and papers, and corporate copy.

Coupled with a deep knowledge of board games, these writers will take the laws of your game and craft them into a clear, coherent rulebook. This writing service also includes full copyediting and proofreading, so you can focus your attention on building the book’s layout, art, and the myriad other things that go into turning your brainchild into reality.

Because all games vary in complexity, we will discuss your game’s needs on an individual basis to determine the best rate possible. After all, the rulebook for a quick party game will take less time to write than that of a hefty Euro-style game. As with editing, it is highly recommended that you send a working prototype to the writer to help us better visualize and comprehend the gameplay and mechanics.

Please note that for all board game editing and writing services, the editor will require his name be added to the credits in the rulebook, and will require a final comp copy of the game.

Kickstarter Campaign Editing

Your Kickstarter campaign is the first experience potential customers have with your game and company. Before launching your campaign, make sure your text is void of errors.

Kickstarter Proofreading: $0.03 per word (minimum $45)
Even if you’ve gone over your campaign a dozen times yourself, it’s always wise to have another set of eyes scan the copy. We’ll scour your page for any errors—big or small—and make sure your campaign is ready to put on its best first impression. This includes fixing erroneous punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.

Kickstarter Copyediting: $0.12 per word
This is the option you want if you’ve just finished building your Kickstarter campaign and need to know where to go from there. We do up to three full copyedits on the campaign’s text, with one final proofreading once you feel it’s ready to go live.

Other Services
We know that creating a successful board game is more than just the rulebook or a Kickstarter campaign. That’s why we’re offering our editing services to other related material you may have. Some examples of what we can help you with are:
  • Editing sales sheets, press releases, etc.
  • Editing online content such as blog posts, articles, etc.
  • Writing backstory, lore, narrative, etc.
  • RPG books
We love board games, and we want yours to be successful. Please send us a message if you have any other projects not listed abovewe’re more than happy to work with you on any aspect of your project.

Rush Services
We can and will get your project ready on time. A 25% fee will be added to all rush projects that have a print date within two weeks of receiving the project. For Kickstarter campaigns and other projects, other rush fees may apply depending on editor availability and timeframe required. If you are unsure if your project will be considered a rush service, don't hesitate to inquire.

Our Editors

Benjamin Kocher Rulebook Editor Everything Board Games Copyeditor Copyediting

Benjamin Kocher
Although Benjamin Kocher has been writing fiction for well over a decade, he began copywriting in 2015 for Emergency Essentials. He spent three years there, writing blogs, articles, and copy for emails and products. Aside from writing, he was the company’s copyeditor. While there, he started writing as a freelancer for Stimpack Energy, discussing everything from eSports to health. Benjamin began writing reviews for Everything Board Games early in 2017, and began editing content for them shortly thereafter. He is currently an editor at Immortal Works Press and Fiction Vortex, and has been finding success as a freelance editor for genre fiction. Benjamin has written many novels, ranging from young adult to adult fantasy, and has written myriad short stories, many of which were inspired by thematic board games. Benjamin received his copyediting certificate through UC San Diego's Copyediting Extension program.

David Jensen
David Jensen started his editing career at Chantwood Magazine in February 2016, getting himself promoted to senior editor in January 2017. He joined Everything Board Games almost within the same week, and quickly began to edit reviews as well as write them. Outside of the editing world, David has published creative works in literary magazines and example essays for college textbooks.
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