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Avertigos: South China Sky

Ends: September 24, 2017
Goal: $75,175

Avertigos wants to level up your table top gaming right when you take it out of the box. It is a table-top-miniatures game and board game hybrid that takes place in a fast changing 3D Tactical Space right over your table.

The game has a science fiction theme with a story that takes place in an alternate history of our world. In this first instalment, the action takes place in the South China Sky, where the Dynastic naval armada is facing off against the combined fleets of the Singasari League to exert supremacy over strategic islands and control rich trade routes plying exotic goods.

Players will use their formidable flying sail-ships and fearsome meeple armies to capture settlements and earn money to buy more powerful ships that will allow them to defeat their rivals and fully control the trade and resources of the islands. Players will trade bribes and favours to advance the interests of their own merchant clan.

The full set will pack a lot of game into a box with 2 distinct game-modes in Strategy and Skirmish.


Avertigos: South China Sky is on KICKSTARTER between now and September 24, 2017.


Nexus: Scrapyard
From: PawnJoker
Ends: September 7, 2017
Goal: $10,000

In Nexus: Scrapyard, you and up to four friends take turns as entrepreneurs looking for affordable CivShips to purchase from Syd's Scrapyard. Each turn you take actions to customize the available CivShips and hire a crew to ensure you can buy the best CivShips in the scrapyard, or sabotage your friends.
Experience the first chapter in a series of connecting games detailing the rise and fall of a galactic tyrant! In this "Chronicle" game, winners, losers, and events will impact the rules and mechanisms of the following chapters. Create and enjoy a new story every time you play the Nexus Series!

Nexus: Scrapyard is on KICKSTARTER between now and September 7, 2017.


Cauldron: Bubble and Boil
From: Magic Circle Games
Ends: August 25, 2017
Goal: $14,700

Cauldron: Bubble and Boil is a game for 2-4 players where you compete to brew the most valuable potions to become leader of the coven and weild the powerful Hag's Eye. Interestingly, you must grow the ingredients first and that takes time. You can take shortcuts and use your magic to steal other players ingredients, or try to ruin their efforts. But be careful, Hexing (casting spells) causes corruption which may ruin your own efforts to brew the best potions to win.

During the game, you will be:
- record potion recipes for Victory Points.
- grow the potion's ingredients in one of your two gardens.
- pick some ingredients each turn until the garden is completely empty (harvesting), placing those ingredients in your cauldron. collecting a Crone Token (worth 3 Victory Points) each time you empty one of your gardens.
- casting spells (called hexes) in order to expedite your harvesting, "borrowing" (read: stealing) ingredients from other players' gardens or even randomly taking ingredients from another player's cauldron. Often the cost of casting a hex is CORRUPTION! Corruption makes it harder to brew during the potion brewing phase.

The game ends when two resources are depleted or when one player has recorded seven recipes. For a quicker game or longer game, adjust the number of recipes that can be recorded.

Cauldron: Bubble and Boil is on KICKSTARTER between now and August 25, 2017.


The World Council
From: Creator Studio
Ends: September 10, 2017
Goal: $12,785

The World Council is a secret committee unknown to most. They gather leaders from various countries in the globe to determine policy of our world. Its main objectives is maintaining peace, fostering social and economic development, and make sure the world is sustainable for mankind. However, result always comes with a price, the development for the general well-being can also foster the coming Doomsday. Can councilors work together for a better future?
The World Council is a strategic board game for 3 to 8 players. You are one of the country leaders in "The World Council". All players strive to be the first to achieve their countries’ objectives, which determined by their country cards, while preventing the ambition of other leaders, as well as, the end of the world. Player achieves his country’s objectives to win the game.
In this second edition, there includes 3 new packages or expansions, Black Technology, Alien Attack, and Basic Game Upgrade.  A total of 64 cards with an amazing transparent card design, new actions, and games modes, which brings out a whole new level of The World Council.
Prepare for the tension and conflict coming from the other players, you will never know when will they be the ally or your foe.  Each game will be quick and simple, but always a different experience.

The World Council is on KICKSTARTER between now and September 10, 2017.


Dawn of the Archmage
From: SolarFlare Games
Ends: August 30, 2017
Goal: $30,000

Dawn of the Archmage is small unit (miniatures) skirmish game for 2 to 4 players. Each player plays as a mage and represent a school of magic, summoning powerful monsters to the battlefield. Players participate in a gladitorial battle, where one mage will reign victorious, ascending to the title of Archmage.

Dawn of the Archmage takes place in the rich fantasy world of Archmage Origins.  In this world you were once the rulers of Sorcado and have fallen from power. Challengers arrive from every corner of the land to compete and to become the coveted archmage.

Each mage uses summoning powers to bring new and dangerous creatures to the battlefield. Expending massive mystical energy, their battle grows in frenetic power as monstrous beasts fight for the mages who control them, seeking to destroy all challengers in a magic-fueled frenzy.

Dawn of the Archmage is on KICKSTARTER between now and August 30, 2017.


Feudum: The Queen's Army
From: Odd Bird Games
Ends: August 20, 2017
Goal: $15,000 - Funded

Feudum: The Queen's Army is a solo variant expansion for the game Feudum that we previously saw get funded on Kickstarter.  In the variant you can play against an A.I. player.  There is a automa deck developed to use to keep the game interesting.

When playing this variant you are able to react to the game's conditions and it will keep you guessing, as there are unpredictable maneuvers performed by the A.I player.  Rounds are played like the base game with alternating turns, except that the Queen is less restrained by recourse or route requirements, making her a powerful force to play against.  You may face the Queen alone, or you can cooperate to defeat her.

The game's solo play is streamlined and elegant and uses mechanics found in games such as Between Two Cities, Alhambra, Viticulture, and Scythe.  This variant and solo play has been play tested countless times, and is said to be incredibly in-deptch, challenging and a fun experience.

Feudum: The Queen's Army is on KICKSTARTER between now and August 20, 2017.

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