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Epoch: The Awakening
From: Orange Nebula
Ends: July 12, 2017
Goal: $38,740

Epoch: The Awakening is a highly strategic, fantasy-based tabletop journey for 2-5 players. Play time is 15-30 minutes per player.

Thrown overboard for a life of wretchedness, you wash ashore a hostile island ruins — completely alone with nothing except the breath in your lungs and an undaunted spirit.

Through your advanced resource management, area control tactics, and free-form action selection, you’ll add companions to your party, acquire bizarre relics, attain potent character traits, and defeat a host of unusual monsters in the ultimate goal of mastering heroic attributes — and regaining honor.

You may perform 3 actions on each turn in the order you feel is most advantageous that turn: activate a companion, travel to a new location, and interact with a map tile. Many actions require the the use of your influence to gain attributes in a one-of-a-kind heroic attribute alchemy system, which is leveraged to gain the game's most powerful rewards. For example, you can meditate at a spire to gain inspiration. You can train at a fort to gain strength. But then you can combine your inspiration and strength to gain the courage (inspired strength) which allows you to perform a bounty hunt.

There are distinctive end-game triggers that can be affected through game play, over 72 unique card abilities that can be merged in unusual ways for potent combinations, and fresh tile placement each game for high replayability.

Epoch: The Awakening is on KICKSTARTER between now and July 12, 2017.

Covil: The Dark Overlords
From: Vesuvius Media Ltd
Ends: July 3, 2017
Goal: $15,000

As a Dark Overlord, you struggle for supremacy of the regions surrounding an isolated town. Use your unique powers and countless troops of minions to defend the world from enemy hordes in an attempt to bring peace and security to the territories... at a cost, of course! Covil is a family friendly (9+), area control board game for 1 to 4 players that pays tribute to cartoons from the 80s! Now live on Kickstarter!


From: Annadale Comics
Ends: June 29, 2017
Goal: $1,550

Electromagnate features a unique new game mechanic, and is set in a sci-fi world based on that game mechanic, which is closing circuits. Electromagnate is highly customizable, with systems like building, technology and random events that can be turned off or on while the core gameplay remains.

Playing Electromagnate feels like playing an online multiplayer action game, such as an FPS. Sometimes in an FPS you shoot three bullets and get nothing. Other times you shoot one bullet and get a double kill. It's similar in Electromagnate. Sometimes you drop three cards and get nothing, other times you close two circuits with one card drop.


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Future Campaigns

Name Date 2017 Publisher Designer BGG Link
KaleidoCards Summer GGG Games Dave Wetherall BGG Link
Extraordinary! Summer Armchair Adventuring, Inc Roger Alan Cotton BGG Link
Crabs! Summer Daily Magic Games
SteamRollers Summer Flatlined Games Mark Gerrits BGG Link
CO2 Summer Vital Lacerda BGG Link
Founders of Gloomhaven Summer Cephalofair Games Isaac Childres BGG Link
Trade Wars - Homeworld Summer Outer Limit Games Kristopher R. Kycia BGG Link
Short Order Hero Summer Ninja Division, Wyvern Gaming Philip Loyer BGG Link
Coma Ward Summer Everything Epic Games Danny Lott BGG Link
The Essence Summer Cube Factory of Ideas Joanna Daciuk, Bartosz Daciuk, Tomasz Szczucki BGG Link
Renegade Summer Victory Point Games Richard Wilkins BGG Link
The Brigade Summer Red Genie Games Alex Wynnter, Ben Hoban
After the Empire Summer Portland Gamecraft Evan Halbert, Ryan Mauk BGG Link
Stonebound Saga June 27 Sky Kingdom Games Eric Bittermann BGG Link
UBOOT: The Board Game June PlayWay S.A. Bartosz Pluta, Artur Salwarowski BGG Link
Titan Dice June Eagle-Gryphon Games Michael Eskue, Lisa Eskue BGG Link
Burning Rome July 18 SunTzuGames Emil Larsen BGG Link
Secrets of the Lost Station June/July Everything Epic Games Christopher Batarlis, Jim Samartino BGG Link
Paris 1800 June AESTAS Mathieu Fernandez and David Sean Thomas BGG Link
Firelight July 11 HobbyHorse Games Eric Woods
Vigilante July 12 Eagle-Gryphon Games Mike Holyoak BGG Link
Scarlet Pimpernell August 9 Eagle-Gryphon Games Brian Kelley BGG Link
Pursuit of the Goblin King August 26
ROBOT RISE! August Happy Harpy Games Craig Froehle BGG Link
Dawn of the Archmage Fall SolarFlare Games Dave Killingsworth BGG Link
Seventh Cross Fall Level 99 Games D. Brad Talton, Jr BGG Link
Castles & Dragons September 1 El Fenix Games
Krill September 5 Raku Games Mateusz Rakowski BGG Link
Defenders of the Realm: Companions and Catacombs September 6 Eagle-Gryphon Games Richard Launius BGG Link
Museum September Holy Grail Games Eric Dubus, Olivier Melison BGG Link
A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game Q3 CMON Michael Shinall BGG Link
Ironclad Q3/Q4 AlcyonCreative Konstantinos Iovis, Ioannis Stamatis, Kostis Tolios BGG Link
Detective: City of Angels Q3/Q4 Van Ryder Games Evan Derrick BGG Link
Stupid Users: Beta October Dent Ventures, LLC Matt Jacobs, Mandy Jacobs, & Brett Beers Link
There She Is!! Unknown iN'Sanity Games Yo Leiten BGG Link

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