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Dane Trimble - Owner

Dane is an Advertising Manager for a national magazine by day and a husband, father of four, and board gamer by night (and mornings). He has a passion for board games and believes board games help bring families closer together while providing kids a unique way to learn many diverse skills. And he thinks they are down right fun!!!

Dave Merrell - Review Manager

Dave is a Professional Structural Engineer who specializes in Zip Lines and Challenge Courses. When he’s not swinging in the trees (or sharpening his pencil) he’s playing games, most often with some or all of his 5 kids. Dave lives in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona.

Brody Sheard - Kickstarter Database Manager

Brody Sheard played board games with his large family growing up. He continues with his love of games by teaching his family, local gaming guild, and friends about new and exciting games. Brody believes that board gaming keeps your mind healthy while also having fun interacting with others.

James Reid - Giveaway Database Manager

James Reid is a husband, father of two, Real Estate Agent and gamer from Millersville, Maryland. Being relatively new to the gaming world, Catan, Pandemic and 7 Wonders were the first of his gateway games and it grew from there! James has really appreciated giveaways and how they played a part in exposing him to new games and mechanics. The gaming community is a generous one! When not working, James can usually be found trying to convince his wife and extended family to learn another new game!

George Jaros - Reviewer

George is a board game player and designer from DeKalb, Illinois. He has loved board games for years and played all the classics when he was younger. He loved Civilization (the Avalon Hill version) back in highschool and college, and played tons of card games, board games, and more for most of his formative years. He didn't play games much after he got married and had kids, until 2014. Now his boys are old enough to play most games and he has found that tabletop games are a huge hit in his household. Their collection keeps growing and they keep playing. Over the last few years, he has been getting more and more engrossed in the gaming community and started GJJ Games to both showcase his own game designs and review others' games. He does a lot of Kickstarter previews, occasionally review published games, and has been adding more content to GJJ Games, like the People Behind the Meeples series of indie designer interviews, Eye on Kickstarter, and more. Find out more about George at http://georgejaros.com/GJJGames

Derek 'Dez' Maggs - Reviewer

Derek comes to us from the Land Down Under. He has been bit of a fanboy of miniature games, growing up with HeroQuest and moving into Warhammer Fantasy and 40K. An avid RPG & causal Magic the Gathering player. But his heart and passion lies in board and card games. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Derekmaggs81

Jeremy Davis - Reviewer

Jeremy from gamegeek.ninja is a game fanatic. More than happy to play games for more than 12 hours at a time, he loves new games and is always on the lookout for his next favorite. He's a bit crazy, but that adds to the fun of his opinions. Also, Ninjas sometimes help with the reviews, so there's that.

David Jensen - Editor and Reviewer

David has tried his hand at everything from warehouse work and washing dishes to delivering pizza. Now, he's trying his hand at writing creatively and working as an editor for a start-up literary magazine. When he's not busy procrastinating, he's running tabletop game sessions for friends and family.

Sarah Johnson - Reviewer

Sarah is a freelance writer and board game enthusiast. When she’s not playing games or writing reviews, she enjoys writing articles for food and wine magazines. Sarah lives in rainy Corvallis, Oregon where she studies writing, English, and communications.

Benjamin Kocher - Editor and Reviewer

Ben hails from Canada but now lives in Utah with his wife and kids. He’s a copywriter, social media manager, freelance blogger, and SFF author. When he’s not writing, Benjamin loves to lose himself in the wonderful world of tabletop games, especially those with a rich, engaging theme. Follow him on Twitter @BenjaminKocher and read his board game-inspired fiction at BenjaminKocher.com.

Nicholas Leeman - Reviewer

Nicholas has been a board game evangelist for over 10 years now, converting friends and family alike to the hobby. He's also a trained actor and works summers as one of the PA announcers for the St. Paul Saints. He lives in Minneapolis, MN with his board gaming wife and son.

Nick Shipley - Reviewer

Nick is a compliance consultant by day, a board gamer at night, and a husband and father always. When he is not bringing a game to the table, he is running (most often to or from his kids) or watching the New York Yankees. Nick lives in Oklahoma.

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