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RagnaRok Star Review

I think at one time or another life each of us has had the dream to bang the drums, slap the bass or wail into an open mic... in your very own viking metal band. In the new game RagnaRok Star you take control of a viking rock band searching for fame and glory. Odin has issued a contest challenging bands from across the Nordic seas to earn a place in Valhalla as the greatest viking rock band of all time. There is just one problem… you don’t have any fans. Do you have what it takes to navigate these rock-y waters and claim victory to Odin’s quest?

RagnaRock Star is a programming and set collection game for 2-4 players that generally takes 30 minutes. Each player is given a tour boat, dry erase planning board and concert tablet to fill with your hordes of adoring fans. The goal of the game is to gain the most glory points through attracting fans and fulfilling a variety of contracts. These goals are achieved by sailing your tour boat from port to port attracting and stealing fans, drawing new contracts and ultimately out-thinking your opponents.

The board consists of 4 unique, 3-D, classic rock-themed island ports to navigate around. During a typical round, the player designated as the “ice master” takes the opportunity to strategically alter a series of icebergs on the map to delay and block opponents from achieving their goals. Players then use their planning board to map out a series of 5 choices they’ll make simultaneously in numerical order in tandem with the other players. These choices may consist of gaining a certain demographic of fans (boys, girls, old men, and old ladies), gaining a new contract, using the gnarly eyeball token to look into the future, stealing fans from another player, protecting your own fans, stealing the iceberg tile or navigating your boat to a new port. The rub is you’re limited to using only one action for each of the five members in your band and each band member can only do certain tasks. The next step is revealing new fan cards that add additional fans to the islands. Then each player resolves their action boards - which creates joyful conflict as multiple players are likely vying for similar fans and achievements. At the end of 7 rounds, the player with the most glory points is declared the ultimate viking rocker.

My copy of the game was a prototype and the Kickstarter promises improved tour boats, maples and artwork as well as additional stretch goals. That being said, the theme and artwork are rowdy, colorful and fun. It’s a light-weight game that excels in out-thinking your opponent through devising a winning game plan, utilizing a limited amount of take-that opportunities and clinging to a certain amount of luck.

The dry-erase boards are a fun way to plan out your actions. Many times I found myself wasting precious turns in an effort to protect my fans strictly out of paranoia. The choices provide a challenge as you'll often find yourself torn between 2 options with only one path left on your planning board. I often found myself caught between using the “flight” option to navigate your boat from a iceberg blocked port, grabbing a new contract or using the eye ball to peak at the top card of the fan deck. Or you may be forced to only grab a single type of fan because there are too many other actions you need to resolve. I also enjoyed the 3-D concert venues complete with mosh-pit. Each band has their own custom venue and they really are a fun, thematic stage for your fan set collection. 

The games consists of a good amount of rock humor with band names like: Green Dead, Red Zeppelin or Blue Sabbath. The contract cards also come equip with rock puns or silly plays on famous songs. The contract cards add a lot of fun to the game offering a variety of challenges such as having the most fans of a particular type to being the quickest to complete their planning phase on a given round.


RagnaRok Star at its heart is a colorful, light-strategic, family game and I really enjoyed it for what is was. It played smoothly and was really easy to learn. The rulebook was a little challenging in a couple spots, but I'm confident they'll iron those out before the Kickstarter delivery date. If you're looking for something with heavy decision making you'll likely want to look elsewhere. That being said, It’s not completely void of strategy as I regularly enjoy trying to out-smart my opponents through the planning stage and even found myself thinking ahead to future rounds. There are a number of play combinations you can make to keep game play interesting and maximize your success. It was quite satisfying choosing the right port with the perfect fan gathering options on a single turn. There is a bit of luck in guessing where to play and where the fans will be gathered on the next turn.There are choices to help limit the luck factor, but a good portion of the strategy is based on chance. The publisher provided some insight into their stretch goal expansions and they are going to add optional twists and turns to help beef up the decision making aspect and game. We played with a variety of ages and all came away pleasantly surprised. My 8-year-old daughter picked up on the game almost immediately and had a great time gathering (and stealing) fans. The game was fine at 2 players, but found its legs at 3 and 4. At the end of the day, If the rock star theme appeals to you and you’re looking for a good 2-4 player family game - RagnaRok Star is something you should look into.

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RagnaRok Star Review RagnaRok Star Review Reviewed by Big League Creative on July 08, 2020 Rating: 5

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