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Rise of the Amazons, Preview

Quick Look: Rise of the Amazons

Rise of the Amazons
Designer: Harry Haralampidis, Lefteris Iroglidis
Publisher: Alcyon Creative
Year Published: 2020
No. of Players: 2–4
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 45–90 minutes
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Played an electronic prototype on Tabletopia.
Rise of the Amazons is a Euro-style strategy and adventure game. As a player, you take on the role of different Amazonians with individual talents. With the help of other Amazonians and the Gods, you strike out to adventure across the map—visiting places, taking on quests, and battling foes.
Actions are governed by spending points and they earn players victory points. After three turns, which can take multiple rounds as players use their action points, the player with the most victory points wins.
Competition between players is more about who completes tasks. Once a quest is completed by a player, nobody else can complete that particular activity. The strategy therefore is what can you get done to best benefit yourself and the path you choose from what is available. Like most Euro-style games, if you take actions just to block other players, you are probably doing yourself as much harm, if not more, than your opponent.
This was my first time playing any game in an electronic format. This change in gaming style doesn’t fit me or the group I game with. We had difficulties I am sure more experienced electronic game players would not have had. We enjoyed the style of play and how the game played.
I enjoyed the use of the less popularized mythology. Yes, I know the Amazons are getting there with the Wonder Woman movies, but Rise of the Amazons touches back on some of the unique stories from Greek mythology to build the overarching strategy for the entire game.
The board ptorotype
The board is organized for where to place tokens and cards. Players have their particular character, who has different abilities. For different numbers of players the board is expanded or contracted to keep the competition level.
The game consists of three turns. During their turn, players use their action points to move, complete quests, visit sights, and battle. The turn is divided up in rounds as players take an action or pass to see what other players do. When everyone passes, or run out of action points to spend, the turn is over.
The next turn is setup and the starts.
There is an overarching strategy for completing actions which follows one of the Greek stories of the Amazons which provides a guideline for strategy.
Theme and Mechanics
The Amazons of Greek mythology were a strong and proud race who were known for their exploits. The Rise of the Amazons uses the mythology to provide a solid theme for the exploits of the players.
The use of action points provides a good balance of what each player can accomplish. There is the need to create a balance to the points you have to what you can accomplish in a turn.
Pieces look to be a couple of inches (5 cm) tall
Artwork and Components
I played an electronic copy, so I’m unable to report a firsthand account of the components or artwork.
The Good
  • Euro-style strategy gaming
  • Rules were easy to learn
  • Has rules for solo play
Final Thoughts
I am looking forward to being able to play Rise of the Amazons in person. The strategy is solid. You have to ensure your balance and be able to determine what you want to go after, but you also need to allow yourself enough flexibility to change your plans when another player beats you to the objective. There are plenty of options to keep you thinking about different paths and possibilities.
The components look like they will be amazing.
Players Who Like
  • Competitive questing
  • Euro-style gaming
  • Greek mythology

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