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Think Before You Move: Kids Take on Tricky Track

Quick Look: Tricky Track

Designer: Ayala Geron
Artist: N/A
Publisher: FoxMind
Year Published: 2013
No. of Players: 2-4
Ages: 4+
Playing Time: 15 min.

From the publisher:

What happens when a cat meets a dog? What happens when an elephant meets a mouse? 
Every player in the game receives an elephant and a cat with which he embarks on a double adventure till the finish line. 

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I was provided with a copy of Tricky Track for the purposes of this review; all opinions here are mine or those of my tricky-thinking friends!

Review: Tricky Track


Tricky Track is a charming roll-and-move game for kids ages 4 and up... wait, did I just say, "charming roll-and-move"? Yes, I did...

Tricky Track incorporates elements of strategic planning into a short, engaging roll-and-move game with adorable characters.


In Tricky Track, each player will control two pieces of the same color: a Cat and an Elephant. Cats start on one end of the track, and Elephants start on the other. The chunky animal movers are just lovely and the quad-fold board has sweet cartoon illustrations.

Set out the die, and get ready to race!

Game Play and Mechanics:

What makes Tricky Track different from standard roll-and-move games is that each player has two pieces, moving in opposite directions, and can choose which animal to move after seeing what shape they rolled on the die.

It's a well-known fact that Cats like to chase mice but will run away from dogs, but did you know that Elephants like to chase dogs but will run away from mice?

Roll the die and choose one animal to move ahead to the next space that shows the shape you rolled.

If you move your Cat onto a mouse, it will chase it... and zoom ahead to the next space with the same shape. On the other hand, if your Cat lands on a dog, it will get scared and scamper back to the last space with the matching shape.

Elephants are opposite: landing on a dog will move them ahead to the next matching shape, and landing on a mouse will move them backward.

Your goal is to be the first player to get both your Cat and your Elephant to their respective finish lines. Every time you roll the die, you get to choose which animal to move--so look carefully at the board to choose the best moves and avoid those scary critters that will send you backward.

The Good:

I really do find Tricky Track charming, and it has been a huge hit with my younger gameschoolers (roughly ages 3-7) as well as their older siblings and parents. The cartoon animals are sweet, and it's fun for kids to realize that everyone has something that they love... and something that scares them!

Tricky Track is easy to teach and fun to play. Along the way, the gameschoolers are picking up some awesome visual tracking skills (as they scan the board to decide which animal to move), some shape-recognition, memory (to keep track of which animal does what), and the basic gaming skills like fine motor (rolling dice and moving markers), logic and strategy, and turn-taking.

The Bad:

I don't have any downsides for Tricky Track, except to say that it's clearly a game for young kids, so it may not be what you're looking for!

Players Who Like:

Tricky Track is a great choice for kids who are ready to move up from Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders because it has the same roll-and-move, race-to-the-end mechanic but adds a layer of thoughtful strategy.

Final Thoughts:

Tricky Track has been a big hit in my gameschooling groups and will absolutely stay in my rotation!

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About the Author:

My name is Alexa: I'm a life-long game player and homeschooling mom to two awesome kids. I've loved board games since my early days playing Scrabble and Gin Rummy with my grandmother, and life only got more interesting when I married a Battletech enthusiast and fellow game lover. We've played games with our kids since they were small, and I helped start a thriving homeschool co-op where we have weekly sessions of board games with kids.  In a family with kids raised on Catan and Pandemic, life is sure to be fun! You may run into me on Twitter, BoardGameGeek, and other social media as MamaGames. Be sure to say hi!
Think Before You Move: Kids Take on Tricky Track Think Before You Move: Kids Take on Tricky Track Reviewed by MamaGames - Alexa C. on April 02, 2020 Rating: 5

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