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Sanctuary: The Keepers Era Kickstarter Spotlight

Designer: Leonardo Romano
Publisher: Tabula Games
Number of Players: 1-2
Ages: 14+
Time: 20-60 minutes

In the time of legends, a powerful energy flowed dangerously through the world. This power was split into six parts, called Essences, in an attempt to avoid any catastrophic events. Now, Sanctuaries are the only way to control the Essences. However, Keepers of the Sanctuaries are at odds and fight to destroy each others’ Sanctuaries, thus gaining sole control to shape the world as they will through the power of the Essences.

Sanctuary: The Keepers Era is a fast-paced fight for 1-2 players. Throughout the game, players play cards from their faction’s deck in order to eventually destroy the Sanctuaries controlled by the other player. Each of the six factions has a unique deck and play style. Each deck offers many strategic paths as well.

Players play cards from their hand by paying the cards’ summoning cost, casting Rituals for immediate effect or playing Acolytes on the battlefield. Combining abilities with Rituals and Acolytes makes every card an important asset. When units are deployed, they are deployed on a grid, which impacts strategy on both sides. Deployed units may only interact with other units in their same lane, and may also have abilities based on their position. To win, one player must destroy all Sanctuaries of the opposing player by dealing damage to them. 

With a variant for solo play and six factions to choose from, this head-to-head game of strategic hand management can keep you coming back for more while still maintaining its allure. Fight for control of the Essences and shape the world how you want it to be!

Sanctuary: The Keepers Era is live on KICKSTARTER from now until April 24, 2020 and has a funding goal of $60,047.

Sanctuary: The Keepers Era Kickstarter Spotlight Sanctuary: The Keepers Era Kickstarter Spotlight Reviewed by Benjamin Kocher on April 14, 2020 Rating: 5

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