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OverBattle: The All War Kickstarter Spotlight

Publisher: Syther Gaming
Number of Players: 2-6
Ages: 14+
Time: 120-360 minutes

When the failed Unity turns friends into foes, war is inevitable. But, adapting is crucial, and you meet the challenges head on. More importantly, your mission to advance on your enemy’s stronghold is in operation, and you must do your best to maintain sovereign control while you execute the mission.

In OverBattle: The All War, players take control of one of the galactic factions in a classic area-control 4x war-game, adding new mechanics to the genre that are usually found only elsewhere. With drafting, semi-cooperative components, engine building, and worker placement mixed into the gameplay, your 4x experience is about to reach an entirely new level.

Unlike other games that require an exceptional amount of setup, OverBattle: The All War has zero setup—you’re ready to play. And, from the very first piece, you’re in command of a vast strategy. Choose your own resources, select your own units, and control the locations you choose. During the game, players will issue declarations, have their resolution challenged, engage in secondary movements, collect income, and place reinforcements. Winning the game requires discovery, adjusting your strategy, and conquering!

OverBattle: The All War is a 2-4 player game (playing up to 6 with expansions) unlike any you’ve seen before. With a unique 3D Combat Assault System (aka “CASy”) and new ways to control your economy and gain resources, new opportunities present themselves time after time, game after game.

With the failed Unity, it’s up to you and your faction to maintain control among the stars. But will your leader be strong enough to overcome the rest, or will you end up subservient to another faction? Your decisions determine your destiny in OverBattle: The All War!

OverBattle: The All War is live on KICKSTARTER from now until May 19, 2020 and has a funding goal of $59,500.

OverBattle: The All War Kickstarter Spotlight OverBattle: The All War Kickstarter Spotlight Reviewed by Benjamin Kocher on April 15, 2020 Rating: 5

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