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How Tactical are Tactical Tokens?

Tactical Tokens

Designer:  Tactical Tokens
Artists: NA
Publisher: DLJ Projects / Tactical Tokens
Year Published: 2020
No. of Players: NA
Ages: NA
Playing Time: NA
Tactical Tokens come in a variety of sizes. From left to right, 4", 3", 2" & 1" tokens
Managing and running an RPG can be time-consuming. As game masters find, time is precious, and they need ways to make their games and campaigns run smooth. Several accessories, aids, tips, and tricks have come out over the years to help reach that goal. Now, David Leek and James Montgomery have continued with their own project; small, durable, resin-covered "tokens" to be used in board games, miniature war games, and especially, for role-playing games. Called Tactical Tokens, these small (1" to 4") tokens can be used in a variety of settings to speed up gameplay and to help call attention to various effects, notes, and record-keeping directly on the tabletop. These tokens hit the spot and can make anyone's game run smoother, faster, and much more convenient.

Tactical Tokens come in a variety of sizes and fit exactly what you need for the game you are playing right now. With sizes ranging from 1" to 4", tokens can be used to represent various states, different sizes of models on the game board, spell effects, terrain areas, objectives, and so much more. The convenience lies in having sizes that fit onto 1" gridded maps for playing D&D and many other roleplaying games.

Tactical Tokens come in a variety of sizes.
To help with gameplay, the tokens are customizable- They accept both dry and wet-erase markers. Do you need a token to represent that gobline? Grab a 1" marker and write "goblin" on it! Do you need a token for that hill giant stalking your players? Grab the 3" or 4" token!

Wet or dry-erase, Tactical Tokens are perfect for customizing to your GM and player needs
With the resin-covered heavy-duty tokens, they are stackable and stickable. If you need to show that a particular character or model has multiple effects, maybe they are on fire and paralyzed, they can be stacked to save space. With the tokens sticking to each other, you won't have to worry about the tokens sliding about or moving. They easily sit on other tokens without moving around. No need to worry about being bumped by dice or other gaming pieces. This is perfect peace of mind for everyone at the table.

Made with durable plastic and soft resin coating, the tokens are naturally spill-proof and scratch-resistant. Many other hard plastic tokens soak up water or can become scratched as they are pushed or scooted across the battle mat or during a miniature war game on custom terrain. Tactical Tokens take the abuse and come out unscathed. Not only are those benefits important, but, it also means they are washable. Accidentally spill your favorite soft-drink or beverage on them? Throw them in a cup with water and dish soap and they clean right up. They won't lose their natural properties even after multiple cleanings. They even stand up to rubbing alcohol in case you need to remove some stubborn stays from those wet-erase markers that didn't get cleaned off from your last gaming session.

Because they are made up of plastic and soft-resin, they are bendable and durable. Don't worry about stepping on them or the tokens getting squished in your game-box. They come right back into shape!

Tactical Tokens are flexible, bendable, and squishable!
Due to the nature of the design, they are unbreakable, rip-proof, and durable. The first Kickstarter for the Tactical Tokens shows them being run over by a car!

Lastly, for those players who love stacking dice, Tactical Tokens provide that tactile feel- Stack them, flip them, roll them, combine them into stacks of different sizes and colors. Keep those players who are constantly fidgeting occupied, ready to use a token at a moment's notice. They are lightweight, store easy, and can be stored in a variety of containers or bags without fear of damage.

Tactical Tokens representing a variety of effects while playing Freeblades, miniatures game from DGS Games
Set up is simple- Grab the token you want, notate what you need to record, and place it on the table!

Gameplay: NA

Theme and MechanicsNA

Artwork and Components: See above

The Good:
Tactical Tokens fit the bill for a wide variety of games, whether that's a board game, RPG, or miniature war game. With the variety of colors and sizes, they can represent anything with a simple note or description using wet or dry-erase markers. 

The Other:
Although there are a lot of advantages, some of the darker colors may be hard to read the notes written on them. The recommendation would be to stick to lighter colors when using markers on them. I am color-blind and I found no difficulty in identifying the various colors in my demo pack. Some people may find that the tokens are stark and disrupt the verisimilitude of the encounter or game by breaking up the table with tokens that don't "fit" into the environment.

Final Thoughts:
I think the sundry uses of Tactical Tokens make the perfect go-to for someone who needs customizable (size, color, and notes) tokens for their RPG and game session. With the first Kickstarter success, there are many different prints and blank options available. I would recommend buying a set of these. I will be using them in a wide variety of games myself as they can be quickly used to place for objectives, treasures, and notes for miniatures and encounters.

Players Who Like:
Players who may have a need to make quick notes for the game table or who play games with a lot of tokens. 

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