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Quick Look: Legendary Metal Coins

Quick Look: Legendary Metal Coins

Designer:  NA
Artists: NA
Publisher: Drawlab Entertainment
Year Published: Kickstarter, March 10, 2020
No. of Players: NA
Ages: NA
Playing Time: NA

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The voices from the patrons in the bar mix with the clank and clunk of beer tankards and the swish of the barmaid’s skirt and swash of the barkeeps rag across the bar top. Through the tavern noise, the clink of coin- silver, gold, copper and maybe even platinum, ring through to your ears. You reach for your own purse, a bag full of coins and give it a good shake. Tink, clank, tink, tink, and the heft of the coins feel good in your hands and it’s music, such sweet music, to your ears. Smiling, you hand another coin over as the barkeeper refills your tankard…. Just another night in the Sleepy Eyed Tavern and your favorite D&D location! 

Video Review:

Written Review:
Legendary Metal Coins brings your games to a new level and experience. When the cardboard chits, paper money, and thin flimsy tokens won’t do, you need to upgrade to a more tactile experience. Legendary Metal Coins from Drawlab Entertainment will do the trick.

Drawlab Entertainment began its fifth Kickstarter on March 10th, 2020 and easily funded to bring seven new coin sets to your gaming table. The new sets include the following themes: Amerindian, werewolf, space, train, elemental, Camelot, and magician. Drawlad was kind enough to send along samples of the magician set, Camelot set, and the elemental set. Each set has an embossed image brought forward with the background recessed and colored, giving good texture and easy visuals for your colored coins.

The sample coins sent along drip, err, clank, with theme. The magician set brings to life allusions of popular culture references, the Camelot theme easily brings the Knights of the Round table to life with images of swords, knights, and the fabled city of Camelot itself. The elemental set includes five coins of the same dimension, with each coin showing the same icon on each side, but with the “front” having a colored recess while the “back” has a normal metal color to them. The elements set include nature symbols such as water (blue), light (yellow), tree (green), death (black) and fire (red) as seen below.

Artwork and Components: 
The artwork is very appropriate to the themes of each set. For the elemental set, a player could use the coins
in a game of Magic: The Gathering as active elements (colored side) or inactive elements (plain side) when used. The images are clear and easily distinguishable. The only coin that was hard for me to decipher was the copper
Camelot coin- The round table with swords on one side was easy to see, but, I must have missed what the design
represented. The design was encircled with a motto; honor, equilibrium, courage and looked busy compared to the rest of the coins in the set. With thematic components such as these coins, their design adds to the verisimilitude of the game you are

The Good:
The coins are hefty, feel good in your hand, and you can easily tell that you’ve quality components, no matter
what game you are playing or using the coins for.

I love upgraded coins in my board games, and these coins can make suitable replacements for specific games
that use coins or money,  bringing an auditory “clink” and “clank” when juggled in your palm or stacking on
the table. People who are more tactile will enjoy how the coins feel- the heft and weight- enhance stacking and
piling your coins as you build your resources. 

The only irony is that you’ll be disappointed to “spend” them in games as you enjoy moving, stacking, and
piling the coins together in front of you during a game.

The Other:
Note: I am colorblind, so my issues may not reflect other’s visual representations of the coins. 

I had a hard time distinguishing the gold, silver, and copper coins apart. I did ask my wife to identify which
coins were what, and she easily pointed out the gold, silver and copper coins from several feet away. The coins
in each set are the same diameter- For me, having a large, medium, and smaller coin representing the gold,
silver, and copper would have helped denote the differing values of coins. 

Lastly, all of the designs are flat. Don’t get me wrong, the designs are raised above the embossed backgrounds.
It’s just that the designs themselves are flat. They aren’t beveled or slanted, they are simply raised above the
background and even with the lip of the coin. It’s definitely not a deal-breaker, but, you can tell that coins were
definitely designed without any slopes or slants to any of the designs’ edges. 
Final Thoughts:
I’ve been a fan of board game upgrades for a long time. I try to find appropriate coins with the right look,
feel, weight, and color to match the various games I have. The Legendary Metal Coins sample I received
are great replacements for most factory components. I’ll definitely be backing the fifth Kickstarter for
Legendary Metal Coins as the Camelot set and elemental set can fit in a few of my games and will make
great upgrades.

Players Who Like:
A more immersive play experience, who are more tactile, and enjoy playing with their game components
are a perfect fit for the Legendary Metal Coins. 

Check out Legendary Metal Coins and Drawlab Entertainment on:

 https://www.drawlab.com/?v=7516fd43adaa  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/drawlab/legendary-metal-coins-season-5    https://twitter.com/drawlab_ent

Bob Nolan - Reviewer

Bob Nolan is an avid board gamer, miniature gamer, and miniature hobbyist. He has hundreds, if not
thousands of unpainted miniatures mocking him. Married with two children, he spends his days
working as a school counselor, while his evenings are spent on gaming, freelance writing, editing, and
sometimes as a Kickstarter consultant. One of his goals is to eventually publish a game through an established board game company.

He joined Everything Board Games in February 2020 as the review manager. He can be reached at

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