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Rumbbell: FatDragon Invasion Kickstarter Preview

Quick Look: Rumbbell: FatDragon Invasion
Rumbbell: FatDragon Invasion
Designer: Kenny Lai and Oolong Cha
Publisher: Arty Force Entertainment, Ryan Lee Fitness Company
Year Published: 2019
No. of Players: 2–4
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 60–90
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Rumbbell: FatDragon Invasion is a cooperative deck building game from Arty Force Entertainment and Ryan Lee Fitness Company. The combination explains why the players are working together to save the world from the FatDragons and their unhealthy food by doing exercises (in card form).
Players use a combination of weight-bearing, aerobic, and HIIT exercises to eliminate the food tokens before they become FatDragons. When you eliminate a food attack, you gain Rumbbell Energy you can use to buy gear to help you in the fight.
If the food becomes a FatDragon, you need Captain Rumbell’s help to remove the FatDragon from the board before it multiplies and causes the area to fall. As long as you keep three of the four locations from falling to the FatDragons, you win. But don’t let the look of the game fool you into thinking this is a pushover game. It is designed for older players and requires players to work together to come out in top form.
Three of us put on our workout gear to test out our abilities to defeat the invasion of the FatDragons. The first go was not a pretty sight as we huffed and puffed our way to being overtaken by the beasts. But even in losing, we enjoyed the complexity of the strategy.
Setup for Three Players
The world of Rumbell is set up in five locations connected by walkways. In the center is Home, a relatively secure place. Around it is the Office, Park, Beach, and Mall—places the FatDragons conduct their food attacks.
The Food Attacks are color coordinated for each location and the number of tokens means that there are enough to not know what you are going to be challenged with in every game.
Along with the Food Attack tokens, there is equipment at Home and the Mall that can be purchased from the energy gained from defeating the Food Attack challenges.
An Event Deck is created that provides that provides changes to each round of the game.  There are also three decks of the different exercises that can be added to your personal ten card starter deck.
Each player chooses a Rumbbell character (each has its own special ability) and you are ready to take on the invading FatDragons and their dastardly ways.
Captain Rumbbell and Player Tokens
The start of your turn is with five cards in your hand and six action points to decide your actions. At the beginning of the game, everyone starts at Home and moves out from there to battle the Food Attacks.
Moving, drawing extra cards, moving Captain Rumbell, fighting a food attack, purchasing gear, and learning exercises all cost action points. Learning a weight-bearing exercise costs two.
You need to move out and defeat the food attacks because at the end of a turn (after each player has gone) the undefeated food attacks turn into FatDragons. The FatDragons are harder to get rid of. If they are left to the end of the next turn, they multiply. If, at the end of a turn, there are at least three FatDragons on a location, that area falls.
To defeat the food attacks, you use your cards to match the food challenge amount. Any combination of exercises can be used. These cards are then moved to your personal discard pile.
To remove a FatDragon, you need to move Captain Rumbell to the location and spend one of each type of exercise to get the FatDragon off the board. When you have to remove a FatDragon, the cards used are moved to the group discard pile, which takes them out of play for the rest of the game.
Once you have spent your Action Points, you discard the rest of the cards in your hand to your personal discard pile and start the next round with five new cards.
Player Cards (Front and Back)
Theme and Mechanics
The theme of exercising to defeat the attacks provides a lot of useful information of how to stay healthy, even though you’re not having to do the exercises. The player cards also have healthy informational tips on them.
Deckbuilding provided strategy and luck. The strategy, as with deck building games, is to add the right cards to your deck so they become available when you need them. The luck is actually drawing the cards you need. Having the extra points to draw additional cards helps, in terms of how the game advances during play.
Food Attack Tokens
Artwork and Components
The artwork is designed to be fun. This gives the idea that doing the exercises can also be fun. I think this would have a lower appeal if it looked like everyone was struggling to defeat the challenges.
Event Cards
The Good
  • Cooperative game
  • A fun level of education

Exercise Cards
Final Thoughts
The commentary during the game was interesting as people are fighting hot dogs and sushi. However, Rumbbell: FatDragon Invasion is deceptive in its presentation. The comic look of the art and the characters provide a fun alternative to what many think is a hard thing to do—exercise.
The complexity and the level of challenge to defeat the game forced us as players to work together more than some cooperative games I’ve played. In that it is designed for 2–4 players and the setup appears to be the same for any number of players, it appears the game would be easier to win if you are sitting with a full table.
Exercise Cards
Players Who Like
  • Cooperative games

Exercise Cards

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