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Yummy Yummy Pancake Review

Quick Look: Yummy Yummy Pancake

Designer: Yohan Goh
Artists: Kyounghee Lee
Publisher: Mayday Games
Year Published: 2017
No. of Players: 2-4
Ages: 6+ (I've even played with a 4-year-old and had success)
Playing Time: 20 minutes

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Pancakes are kind of a big deal at our house. Every Saturday for breakfast, I make the best-ever pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips (among other things, ingredients depending). My kids love to help make the pancakes, and while I love their excitement, sometimes their enthusiasm ends up all over the countertop and floor. And when they flip the pancakes? Well, that’s when things get even messier. 

Fortunately, Mayday Games just published Yummy Yummy Pancakes, thee pancake-flipping memory game! When I came home from Origins with this, my kids were soooooo excited. It even comes with a kid-size frying pan! And they took to it really quickly, which was awesome. The quick of Yummy Yummy Pancake is this: it’s fun!


Setup isn’t tricky at all. Simply add 8 pancakes to the pan—face up—and you’re ready to go!

This simple setup makes it easy for the kids to play without an adult to help set things up. Even if the kids wanted to add five or ten or any other number of pancakes, it won’t change the game at all, and they’ll feel so good about getting it set up all by themselves. And you’ll feel so good about having some much-needed free time to get some adulting in. (Or, you know, flip pancakes with them! Because it’s fun!)


Basically, Yummy Yummy Pancakes is a memory game, combined with a dash of dexterity. Each turn, the active player puts 8 pancakes (topping-side up) in the pan. (If there are pancakes still in the pan from a previous round, make sure the topping side faces up on all of them.) All players then look at the pancakes (topping-side up, remember), and then the chef—the starting player—flips the pancakes!

In order to continue past the flipping phase, the chef must flip at least two pancakes so that their topping side is facing down. Once this happens, the chef picks up one of the face-down pancakes, looks at it (without showing the other players), and chooses any one player to make a guess as to which topping that pancake has. If the guessing player guesses correctly, that player gets the pancake. Woot! If the guess is incorrect, the chef keeps the pancake. The first player to collect their 12th pancake is the winner! Alternately, if there are fewer than 8 pancakes left in the game (including those on the pan and in the supply), the game ends and players count their pancakes. The player with the most pancakes wins!

That’s all there is to it. It’s a simple game of guessing with all the excitement of flipping pancakes. And, as a kid, that’s a huge deal! (Flipping pancakes is the bomb.) It’s fun for kids, and it’s not mind-numbingly painful for adults, either. The age suggests kids six and older, but I’ve played with younger than that and we all had a great time. The gameplay is easy to learn and quick to play, which makes it such a great game for kids.

Theme and Mechanics:

Thee theme of pancakes is pretty cool, especially when we make pancakes weekly (sometimes more!). The mechanics fit the theme well, and flipping pancakes is always exciting! When I play, I always have fun flipping pancakes. There’s just something about seeing those little tokens fly up and flip around that makes me with I had the guts to do it with my real, battery flap jacks.

The memory aspect of the game is good to help kids pay attention to what’s in front of them, as well as to deduce what a certain token could be according to what’s still face up after the flip.

Artwork and Components:

The art mostly happens on the box, and it really sells the theme of the game. As for the components, the pan is awesome. Really, my kids love the pan! And the pancake tokens are nice and solid, too. They’re small (as far as pancakes go), but they really do feel great.

The Good:
  • Flipping pancakes!
  • Great for kids
  • Flipping pancakes is fun for adults, too
  • Easy to learn and play
The Other:
Honestly, I can’t really think of anything that doesn’t work here. It does what it was made to do very well.

Final Thoughts:

Yummy Yummy Pancakes is definitely a keeper! I just love hearing my kid ask, “Want to play a game?” and then goes for this game. Melts my little heart. But really, it’s a good game for kids, and adults can even have fun playing along. If you have younglings running around your home, definitely consider this for their next birthday/Christmas/etc. gift. Or, you know, a surprise on a Wednesday, because Wednesdays need good surprises.

Players Who Like:
If you like flipping pancakes (or if you simply want to get better at it), check this out! If you like memory games and good games for youngsters, check out Yummy Yummy Pancake.

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Yummy Yummy Pancake Review Yummy Yummy Pancake Review Reviewed by Benjamin Kocher on August 01, 2019 Rating: 5

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