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Sick Pirate Mutiny Kickstarter Preview

Quick Look: Sick Pirate Mutiny Preview

Designer: Alex Nob
Publisher: Luddum
Year Published: 2019 (Still in development as of 07/27/19)
No. of Players: 4–10
Ages: 12+
Playing Time: Not Listed

The crew is divided. Sides have been taken. Mutiny could soon be at hand! But who is on which side?
Sick Pirate Mutiny is a clue-based game designed to eliminate the possibilities of who the pirate is until you can guess them out of the game.
There is no using the bathroom once the game starts (at least until you are eliminated, or receive the Reward to do so).
We were at the lower limit of group size and the game played well. The way you get clues on who the other players are is from the Commands, Rewards, and Punishments. Some of the Commands are physically based and for some of us who are not in good shape they were undoable. However, there is the option to not do the Command and move right to the Punishment. This can also become part of the strategy of hiding which pirate you represent.
More of the scoundrels
Sick Pirate Mutiny was fun to play. We had a good time ribbing each other about the Commands and whether it was the player representing the pirate or the other way around.

Divide the players into 2 teams. You also need to decide on what you are drinking; this could be made into a drinking game—we didn’t do that when we played.
Each player draws a pirate card to depict who they are representing. This is kept secret on your team, because the other team is trying to find out who you are. The other three decksCommand, Reward, and Punishare shuffled separately and placed face down between the teams.
Play goes back-and-forth by individual players on opposing teams.
Draw a Command and decide to do it or not. There are 12 Commands, and on each one there is a pirate who cannot perform the command. This is part of how to gain clues about the other players.
If you choose to do the command, attempt it and see if you succeed. Success earns a Reward. Failure earns a Punishment.
If you choose not to do the Command, return the card to the bottom of the Command deck and draw a Punishment.
Rewards may be played immediately or later, depending on the card.
Punishments take place immediately.
When cards are drawn they are turned up (except for the later use Reward cards).
When you’re unable to draw from any of the 3 decks, gather up all the played cards and reshuffle the decks.
On your turn you can make one guess about an opposing pirate’s identity. If you are right, they are eliminated. If you are wrong, you’re eliminated. Either way, one pirate is out of the game.
Eliminated players are not completely out of the game. They no longer get to take a turn, but they can help out their team in figuring out who the opposing pirates are.

Theme and Mechanics
It’s a pirate theme. What more needs to be said about that?
The puzzle mechanic reminds me of puzzles I used to do when I was younger. Through a process of elimination, you narrow down who the pirate can be. There is more strategy than that making Sick Pirate Mutiny not just a puzzle to be solved. There are pirates not in play, there is a small amount of bluffing and misdirection, and there are also reward cards that allow for some shortcuts to be used (like guess without the risk of being eliminated).
Artwork and Components
These are not bloodthirsty pirates. They are a little more on the comical side.

The Good
  • Up to 10 players
  • Pirates
The Bad
Team play--what do you do when you have an odd number of players?

Final Thoughts
Sick Pirate Mutiny is small and portable, making it a good cabin game (something you can travel with and play when the weather keeps you in the cabin). It is also a good family game when played without alcoholic beverages. There is even a challenge of being able to fart. Some players wanted to get that Command.

Players Who Like
  • Team play
  • Party games

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