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Off the Grid Review

Quick Look: Off the Grid

Designer: Brian Joiner, Bojan Prakljacic
Artist: N/A
Publisher: Off the Grid Board Game LLC
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 2-99
Ages: 4+
Playing Time: 30 min.

From the publisher:

Off The Grid Board Game is a fun family game played without electricity—get out your flashlights!
Use your creativity and interact with real people instead of computers and screens!
Choose 5 activities from a deck of 42 cards for a fun time!
Off The Grid Board Game is designed to get kids "off the grid" and promotes creative and interactive play, employing a deck of activity cards that specify various fun children's games, including traditional playtime activities such as match-the-pairs, guess-the-drawing, and indoor bowling. Fun for family game night, and helps get kids introduced to board games in a way that they can really get into, with simple instructions they can read and follow.

Playtime for each sub-game is roughly 5 minutes, with full game time around 30 minutes. Most appropriate for kids ages 4-11, along with their older siblings/friends and parents/grandparents/caregivers.

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I received a copy of Off the Grid for the purposes of this review, but all opinions here are mine (or those of the kids I shared the game with) and not those of the publisher.


Overview and Theme:
Off the Grid is a game designed to get kids and families reconnecting, moving, thinking, and doing without using screens. Each time you play, you will draw five random activities to enjoy.

Components and Setup:
Off the Grid is quick to setup and explain: put down your phone, turn off the tv, and set out the board. Draw five Off the Grid Activity Cards and put them on the board, then find the five matching Station Cards and set them up around the room or around your home with any items you'll need for each activity (paper and pencil, etc.)

Game Play and Mechanics:
Off the Grid is definitely more of an activity than strictly a game, because there's no particular goal in mind except to enjoy a series of fun activities with your kids and friends.

There will be a different assortment of activities each time you play, ranging from things that you do while seated (matching games or drawing activities) to things that are very physical (playing duck duck goose or having "boot camp" to do exercises). The activities are explained fully on the large Station Cards.

Take your time to explore each of the activities you've drawn. Most Stations take about 5 minutes each, with a little time given to move from one to the next, so a typical game of Off the Grid will last about half an hour.

The Good:
Off the Grid is a fun way to bring families together, disconnected from screens and technology. I love that it was developed by a 9-year-old and his family!

Off the Grid includes a nice variety of activities, so you can also pick and choose to find the mini games that are right for your group and setting. There are things that are more mentally challenging--like performing a comedy act and making up your own jokes--and others that require more physicality.

As a gameschooling mom, I really enjoyed having Off the Grid as a great way to include "brain breaks." If we're working on something difficult for an hour or so, pulling out Off the Grid is a good way to loosen up our minds and giggle until we're relaxed and happy and ready to refocus on our next task. It would be especially good during our long northern winters to help the kids burn off some energy!

The Bad:
Off the Grid really isn't a game as much as a fun way to spend time with your kids--there isn't a goal (even a communal one) except to try each of the five activities. If you are open to that kind of less-structured activity, though, it can be a good opportunity to spend time together doing goofy things!

Players Who Like:
Off the Grid is best for families or groups with kids in roughly the 4-10 range, though my tweens who participated had a good time, too! Families who enjoyed the Cranium line of games like Hullabaloo or physical games like Twister will find enjoyable activities in Off the Grid.

Final Thoughts:
Off the Grid is a good way to relax and reconnect with the kids in your life, with a deck of activity cards that gives plenty of replayability and variety. It's not really a game so much as an activity, but the kids in my life were always up to play again!

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Alexa Chaplin- Reviewer

My name is Alexa: I'm a life-long game player and homeschooling mom to two awesome kids. I've loved board games since my early days playing Scrabble and Gin Rummy with my grandmother, and life only got more interesting when I married a Battletech enthusiast and fellow game lover. We've played games with our kids since they were small, and I helped start a thriving homeschool co-op where we have weekly sessions of board games with kids.  In a family with kids raised on Catan and Pandemic, life is sure to be fun! You may run into me on Twitter, BoardGameGeek, and other social media as MamaGames. Be sure to say hi!

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Off the Grid Review Off the Grid Review Reviewed by MamaGames - Alexa C. on August 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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