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Tiny Epic Game Haul Carrier Review

Quick Look: Tiny Epic Game Haul Carrier
Designer: Top Shelf Games, Gamelyn Games
Publisher: Gamelyn Games
Year Published: 2019
No. of Tiny Epic Games: 12

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Please forgive the emptiness inside (the carrier, not me). On the bright side, it still fits four more games! 🤩
There are a lot of Tiny Epic games available, and my favorite is.. all of them? But really, they’re all so good. (Alright, fine. My favorite is Tiny Epic Galaxies.) Tiny Epic Mechs just arrived, and I’m a proud backer of Tiny Epic Tactics as well, so I’m looking forward to those joining my Tiny Epic party! The only ones I am missing are Western and Zombies, and one day I’m sure they will join my collection of Tiny Epic games, because they’re a lot of fun too! But what happens when you’re like me and have most, if not all, of the Tiny Epic games but don’t know how to tote them around everywhere you go?

I give you the Tiny Epic Game Haul Carrier!

Actually, Gamelyn Games gives it to you (for a price), but I’m giving you this review! Also, Everything Board Games is GIVING AWAY a carrier in conjunction with this review! So I guess I kind of am giving you the carrier.. from a certain point of view.

The carrier is awesome. It reps the Gamelyn colors shamelessly, and it’s even got a clear plastic window to show off all your Tiny Epic games as you carry them around. Pretty cool, right? It holds twelve (12) Tiny Epic games/expansions, so you’ll have enough room for all of the currently available Tiny Epic games (including Tactics). But there’s more to this carrier than simply good looks and charm. Here’s what this carrier has to offer.


I’m all about draping this carrier over my shoulder and strutting in to game night like I own the place. It’s always nice to have two free hands to carry other games, or the Mountain Dew (or both!). Or, perhaps your carpal tunnel syndrome is acting up again and carrying things is a little more than you can currently hand. Fortune prick you, because you’ve got the shoulder strap! And it’s adjustable!

Sometimes, however, you just need a quick hand-hold in order to bring the carrier from its spot on the game room’s dais to the game table. There’s no point in slinging it over your shoulder to walk from one room to the other. That’s why there’s a second handle, located on the top of the carrier. (Alright, I admit that, technically, the shoulder strap isn’t a “handle,” but…whatevs.) In all honesty, I really like how it feels when I hoist the carrier by this handle. It’s like I’m carrying a super top-secret briefcase filled with high-tech products worth billions! And in a way, that’s not far off.

The Screen

If your game shelves are out in the open for everyone to see (rather than tucked away in some mothball-ridden closet), your vanity is going to love the clear window! While you strut your stuff down the hallway at the next convention, people won’t be looking at your perfect hair-do or your immaculate skin complexion, nor will they admire that dazzling new outfit you’ve got on. Rather, they’ll be drooling (literally) over this scrumptious carrier, but more importantly, the contents of said carrier. As a Tiny Epic aficionado, this is what you live for. And, yes, you may make a few extra friends in the process. Perks and whatnot.

Water Pouch
Going places is hard enough as it is, but without water, it can be almost a deal breaker. I’ve been to too many conventions where I forgot my water bottle, and man, it was rough. Fortunately, this epic game hauler has a mesh pocket on the side made specifically for holding your water. In all seriousness though, having a water pouch on this carrier really is awesome. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve been without a water bottle too often. Of course, if you’re not a water-toting person, that pouch is also good to show off your Lunchables, a leftover pizza slice from last night, or anything else you’d like to low-key show off to the public. Mesh is great like that!

Side Zipper Pocket
If the mesh pouch is for low-key showing off your goods, the zippered pocked is for keeping things hidden from unwanted eyes. We’re talking chewing gum, body spray, that leftover piece of pizza from last night.. you name it. Aside from holding super-secret items, it’s also good for keeping things secure, like your car keys, or even another small-box game or your deck and dice for your unbeatable Star Wars Destiny build. I always do love having a zippered pocket on my carriers for the aforementioned reasons (except maybe the pizza.. there wouldn’t be any leftover).


Before you start freaking out, no, the Tiny Epic Game Haul carrier is not going to walk away on you (unless you accidentally curse it with sentience somehow). The feet are plastic spikes—kind of like rugby cleats, but far less violent (and far less intimidating). These feet help keep the bottom of the carrier from wearing from sitting on the floor or middle lane of the freeway or wherever you’ve got it. (Question: Why on earth are you endangering these games by putting them on the freeway!?) Personally, I think the little feet are a nice touch to this carrier, as it will undoubtedly increase the life of the carrier by quite a bit.


No, we’re not talking about talking about Flipper’s evil twin porpoise (don’t even get me started!), but rather the method of holding all your Tiny Epic games inside this carrier. There’s a zipper for each side of the carrier. (Just thought I’d throw that in randomly.) The reason I’m a fan of the zipper approach as opposed to the “snap” method is zippers, I find, always work. Of course, if you get your hair caught in it, or some cheese from last night’s leftover pizza, you may have some trouble getting everything unstuck. Fortunately, I have short hair, and as I mentioned above, I never have leftover pizza because I always finish my dinner, so I don’t have those concerns.

With snaps, however, I find that they can wear out over time and one day, it just decides to stop snapping shut. And then what? You can’t carry your Tiny Epic games without the carrier being secure—they’ll fall out and get scuffed! No, snaps simply will not do.

The zipper works great, and it’s got this big ol’ rubber handle on the zipper, so even with greasy pizza fingers (also don’t even get me started!), you shouldn’t have any troubles freeing your games to the wild. And by “the wild” I of course mean the game table—after which they are once again secured in their prison home.

Padded Interior

Just like at the looney bin, the walls are padded so as to avoid damaging the contents of the carrier.


I mean, I (and you, most likely) wear Star Wars shirts. How is this any different? Flaunt it if you got it, baby!

Bright Colors

You’re not gonna lose this carrier in the wild, no siree! The light blue and yellow have the distinct Gamelyn vibe to it, which you may or may not be into. Personally, I dig the color scheme, but my wife thinks it’s a bit…much. But, it’s not too too much, so it looks like we’ll be seeing these bright colors for the next few decades (or however long this carrier lasts). But really, I actually do like the color combo.

Packs Up Small

This is just its resting face. It gets smaller!

Spoilers from the name of this section, but when there are no games/boxes inside this Game Haul carrier, it actually packs up pretty small, which is great for storage purposes. I guess you could say it has a small.. "footprint!" hahahaha! (See Feet, above.) When not in use, make it small and slide it under your bed, on top of your bookshelf, or in a drawer for safe keeping. Or, if you’re like me, you could simply keep your games in this case 24/7 (see Additional Storage, below).

Additional Storage

You can even store it in your pantry. You know, in case you get hungry—for GAMES!

Previous to owning this carrier, I kept all my Tiny Epic games in a sweet-looking treasure chest, but with this carrier.. this is where they’re gonna live from now on! If you have room in your house/mansion for all your games to have a dedicated shelf, then that’s fantastic! And I envy you your Kallax shelves. For me (and others) who don’t have that luxury, this Game Haul really is a great place to store the Tiny Epic games. It keeps them all together, and if floor space is an issue, then feel free to hang it up in a closet, vanity, or ceiling fan (just…don’t turn on the fan, OK?). Wherever you choose to keep your Tiny Epic Games, this carrier is a great option, and can really be stored in a lot of places (see Packs Up Small, above).

Optional Carries
“But Mr. Ben, sir,” you say, “what if I want a carrier I can use for more than just board games?”

Fortunately, the Tiny Epic Game Haul has you covered! As shown in the image above, this carrier can hold almost all of the Wheel of Time paperback books. I fit in books 0 (New Spring) through 12 (The Gathering Storm). That left numbers 13 and 14 to their own devices. Of course, these were all paperbacks (except 14, which is totally hardcover, numbered, and signed), but still, for those of you familiar with the series, they’re not small books! And, yes, they are incredibly epic.

So books are a go! Alternately, you could put in movies, video games, souvenirs, sea shells (please wash them first), hand towels, doilies, the Gamelyn plushie (which I unfortunately do not own), or even those freaky mannequin heads you see at hair and beauty schools ( 🤔). The options are practically limitless, so if having a carrier for a single use is worrisome to you, then you’re obviously thinking of some other carrier.


So easy, even a 2-year-old can do it! #Branded

I think I’ve officially said my fair share (and more), so let’s wrap this up. You might already be familiar with the original Game Haul carriers from Top Shelf Fun. This Tiny Epic Game Haul is also made by Top Shelf Fun, so if you like their bigger carriers, you’ll love this one designed specifically for Gamelyn Games’ line of Tiny Epic games (say that ten times fast!).

For me, personally, I really like this game carrier. It’s small, yet it fits a lot of games (and books!). Small games, granted, but if you know anything about the Tiny Epic games, there’s only big gameplay inside those small boxes. So when I said it feels like I’m carrying a super top-secret briefcase filled with high-tech products worth billions(!), I really wasn’t kidding. There’s a lot being toted around in this carrier, so I really appreciate the solid, quality design and attention given to it.

In the end, it’s a carrier for carrying games. Pure and simple. But as far as carriers go that carry games…this is a very nice carrier with a very specific purpose. So if you’re a fan of the Tiny Epic games, you may just want to consider giving this a look. Obviously, you can use it for other games/items/books/etc. as well, but all things considered, this is a good looking carrier with a sturdy design. I am truthfully quite thrilled with it.

If you were to put something other than board games in this Game Haul, what would it be? Let us know in the comments!

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