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Legends of Wrestling Card Game Review

Quick Look:

Designer: Tom Filsinger
Artist: Werner Mueck, Scott Rosema, Sonny Strait
Publisher: Filsinger Games
Year Published: 2002
No. of Players: 1-2 Players
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 30 Minutes

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"Any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns!" 
- Former Pro Wrestler Abe Lincoln

From the publisher:

LEGENDS OF WRESTLING is a card and dice game that features playing cards for 24 professional wrestling legends! The playing cards have a drawing of the wrestler on the front and game information on the back. For example, the back of the card features the wrestler's favorite moves (such as Jimmy Snuka's SUPERFLY LEAP finisher) and other realistic characteristics specifically catered to each wrestling legend! LEGENDS features a fast-action game system that allows matches to take place in real time. You can play alone or with friends.

March 23rd, 1985 was the first time I attended a live wrestling event (actual program card included for proof). Right from the beginning, I was hooked. The drama, the battle of good and evil (I often cheered for evil).. I loved all of it. Now that I am older I don't watch it as much. I try to catch at least the highlights of the bigger shows, be it matches in Japan or The WWE, but the wrestling of the 80s & 90s will always hold a special place and all the memories and friends from that time period. Now, imagine if you will that a rift in the space-time continuum has opened and the wrestlers of the past, in their prime, laced the boots up for a league that you ran. You control who wrestles, who their allies and enemies are - such is the world of Legends of Wrestling


Rules and Setup:
Each player will choose a wrestler or a tag team they wish to use or in a single player scenario you can set up the match completely.

Pro Wrestling
Dice are the main mechanic of the game. LoW centers around players rolling dice to perform moves.
Story Telling adds to the depth of the game as the player(s) can add commentary of what is happening during the matches.

Game Play:
(Two player- Basic Game)
Each player places their wrestler in front of them and grab one die (D6). Each player rolls and the player with the highest roll goes first. There are six moves in each level of offense and there three levels. The starting player starts on level one and rolls. Then, based on that roll, the opponent will roll on their defensive chart.

Example (Iron Sheik vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan):
The Iron Sheik is on offense rolls a 3, which is throat chop -2.
Duggan will now roll on his defensive level 2 chart, and he rolls a 3, which is hurt -2
Iron Sheik now gets to roll on his offense level 2...

This will continue until there is a pin attempt either by a finishing move or the opponent rolling pin on his defensive chart, as follows:

Iron Sheik is on level 3 offense and rolls a 6, which is Camel Clutch +2.
Duggan's pin number is 6, which means normally he would have to roll higher than a 6 to escape; however, the camel clutch is a +2, meaning Duggan must add +2 to his pin number. So, Duggan must roll higher than eight. He does not, therefore he submits. The crowd boos in disapproval.

Artwork and Components:
The game has recently gone to full-color original art on each card which really gives the game that extra pop as opposed to the old black and white drawings. Also included in the game is a booklet with a short bio of all the wrestlers included in the set which is a nice touch and give a little history on wrestlers you may not be familiar with.

The Good:
What I explained is just the basic version, but the game can be as simple or as complicated as you want. The wrestlers are true to how they wrestled (Jimmy Snuka is going to go to the top rope, Lou Thez will not) and there are several different elements you can add to the game such as fatigue and agility and power ratings.

The Bad:
The dice are tiny; however I am positive that you have dice laying around. If you don't, let me know, I have a ton of extra d6s.

Final Thoughts:
This game is tailor-made for a wrestling fan. I think that it shines the brightest as a league simulator and there are plenty of wrestlers available for you to get your favorite wrestlers from days gone by. Much like when you play other storytelling games (such as Gloom), play by play commentary also will enhance the experience. The game also will take unexpected twists and turns. There is a feud chart you roll on at the end of the match that activates if you roll doubles, and can completely change the alliances you had started with - partners become bitter enemies. If classic wrestlers are not exactly what you're looking for, Filsinger also has deals with leagues like Chikara, Ring of Honor, Evolve, Championship Wrestling Hollywood, CZW & Shimmer, with even more to come, I'm sure. Wrestlers, managers, injuries, championships...it's all at your disposal here.

Players Who Like:
Wrestling, Storytelling, RPG

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James Freeman - Reviewer

James is a child of the 80's he grew playing D&D and Stratego. He currently owns more games than his understanding wife of 20+ years thinks he should. James lives in Buffalo, New York with his previously mentioned wife, 2 teenage kids and one Havanese dog. Also, if someone outside of Buffalo says they serve buffalo wings, they are lying.

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Legends of Wrestling Card Game Review Legends of Wrestling Card Game Review Reviewed by James Freeman on June 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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