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Soundiculous Review

Quick Look: Soundiculous

Designer: Hazel Reynolds
Artist: N/A
Publisher: Gamely Games
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 3-10
Ages: 8+
Playing Time: 15 minutes

From the publisher:

Soundiculous is the gloriously silly, family-friendly party game of ridiculous sounds.

The aim of the game is simple: get the most points by making ridiculous sounds and guessing what ridiculous sounds other players are making.

Sounds range from nice and easy (monkey, train, eating) to medium (didgeridoo, roller coaster, electric shock) to the truly challenging (wrestling, scuba diving, woodpecker!)

Soundiculous takes just two minutes to learn and will have everyone in stitches as you realize that what you can hear quite clearly in your mind, can come out quite differently from your mouth!

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This copy of Soundiculous was provided to me for the purposes of this review, but the opinions here are my own.

Review: Soundiculous

Overview and Theme:
Soundiculous is a clue-giving, answer-guessing party game of sounds and sound effects!

Like charades for your ears, Soundiculous is easy to teach and quick to play, and it will get you and your friends making the most ridiculous sound effects.

Components and Setup:
Soundiculous comes in a pocket-friendly box with 108 cards (36 each of Easy, Medium, and Hard sounds) and a single sheet of quick play rules.

Before you play, simply decide what difficulty level(s) you'd like to use, and put out enough cards in the center of the table so there are five per player. Decide together whether you're using the clues on the left or the right side of each card (two clues per card gives more replayability in a small deck). You'll also need to grab a pencil and paper, or some other way to jot down the scores as you go (a note on your phone can work, too).

Game Play and Mechanics:
The play of Soundiculous is simple: when it's your turn, choose a card from the center of the table, look at the clue, and make that sound! Sit on your hands while you are making sounds, because you can't gesture or point in any way... also, of course, you can't talk, but you can nod (vigorously!) when someone is getting close to the correct answer.

Did you pick an Easy card? You might have to achoo for a sneeze, smack your lips for a kiss, or moo like a cow.

Medium clues may have you making the tick-tick-tick-tick-DING of an egg timer, imitating the static crackle and music of a radio, or flushing like a toilet.

Up for a challenge? How will you make the sound of popcorn, the spit of a llama, or get your team to guess the word croquet just from sound effects?

For Soundiculous, unlike charades or other party games, you don't need to split into teams. Instead, each player will get a turn as the maker-of-sounds, and everyone else can guess at the same time. The first player to guess correctly and the person who was giving the sound clues will both score points for that card (1 point for an Easy clue, 2 points for Medium, and 3 points for Hard).

Keep track of the scores and keep playing until the cards in the center of the table are gone. Each player will get the chance to give sound clues five times, and then the player with the highest total score from giving and guessing will win.

The Good:
Soundiculous is just plain fun. Giving clues to a group is a time-tested style of party game, and the opportunity to try out some goofy and just plain ridiculous sound effects is too good to resist.

The box is very portable, making Soundiculous a great game to take to parties or outings, and the game is very quick to teach and get started playing. Because it's not set up for teams, folks can even join in at any time or walk away if they need to, and the group as a whole can keep playing. If you want the game to be longer or shorter, you can change the number of cards you start with.

The Easy clues are great for younger kids, and the Hard clues are difficult even for seasoned sound-making adults! Soundiculous scales well and will appeal to a wide variety of players.

The Bad:
Soundiculous is light, and fluffy, and silly, and maybe that's not what you're looking for today. That's okay! You can peruse the other great reviews here at Everything Board Games to find something more meaty, and I'll keep trying to figure out what sound a phoenix makes.

Players Who Like:
Soundiculous is great for groups who already enjoy clue-giving games like Charades, Pictionary, or Taboo, and for fans of Mouthsounds by Fred Newman.

Final Thoughts:
Soundiculous was an immediate hit for my 12-year-old daughter, who would play it every day if we could! Soundiculous is a clever take on the standard clue-giving games, where you can beep, buzz, and click your way to victory. It's a definite keeper here!

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