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Burger Tokens Review

The good people at Burger Tokens have graciously supplied three reviewers at Everything Board Games with a set each of Burger Tokens, each for a different game, as follows:

Benjamin Kocher: X-Wing Miniatures 2.0
Alexa Chaplin: Points/Money Tokens
Delton Perez: Games Workshop Kill Team

As the tokens are all similar in nature, excepting the iconography for the specific games, we will each take a look at the tokens from five categories: look, feel, durability, overall quality, and final thoughts.




When I found out the tokens were stickers I had to put on pennies, I had my doubts. How could stickers on coins possibly look good? Well, I obviously was a bit too preemptive in my judgments, because they actually look pretty cool. The icons themselves look the same as the regular X-Wing icons, but it’s the penny in the middle that gives them the thicker, burgery look. My only beef with them is the actual stickering process, which I am less than great at. But, despite a few stickers going on all wonky, I did pretty well (for the most part).

A look at the X-Wing token stickers in their natural habitat.
I also had my doubts about Burger Tokens just from the description. When the sheet of stickers arrived, all I had was a cup of pennies that had been lingering in change jars in the console of my car for a while. I decided to give them a little wash in vinegar and salt before rinsing them, just in case any surface grunge would affect the way the stickers adhered to the pennies.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the stickers stuck on and, once they were in place, how you had to look closely at them to see the rim of the penny shining through between the Burger Token layers.

I enjoy the look of the Points/Money Tokens, which have bold red numbers (1, 3, 5, 10, and 25) on a colored, leafy background. Each denomination is on a different color, which makes them easy for me to identify even when the numbers are upside down, but because the bold numbers are there too, it shouldn’t be a problem for colorblind players.

When the Burger Tokens are poured out on the table, they look very polished and professional and I’m definitely pleased with the way they look on the table.

Stickers--the bane of every gamer. We hate them, and when we see a game that requires us to put stickers on pieces, a little bit of us dies inside and the void is filled with ennui toward the game.

Ignore the angst with these. These are some sweet-looking pieces of clear epoxy covering the clear values underneath, each working for your type of game. I was lucky enough to use a set for Games Workshop Kill Team, and these were an absolute pleasure to use. The markings are very clear to see, even at an angle, and clearly match what the game uses.



A comparison of X-Wing tokens. Left to right: 1st edition, vinyl promo, 2nd edition, Burger Token
These Burger Tokens feel slick and glossy, and yet they’re not slippery or difficult to pick up. The penny sandwiched in the center makes it thick and easy to move, pick up, and hold. As they look like hamburgers (hence the name of the tokens), I felt obligated to put one in my mouth. Please note they do not taste like hamburgers, nor does the texture feel like hamburgers should (except for maybe McDonald’s burgers...). One of my main concerns was the actual handling of the pennies. I am weird in that I really don’t like that “penny” scent  after holding coins. I know, I know, I have problems. But, the fact remains. Anyway, I had to give my hands a good washing after putting the stickers on, and I was worried the “beef” part of the tokens would still rub off on me, but that hasn’t been an issue, so all is well. To sum up, I am pleasantly surprised by the way these tokens feel.

I am a sensory gamer. I love a good game piece, from the hefty gems in Splendor to the thick slices of pizza in New York Slice, the coral pieces in Reef, and the delightful marbles in Potion Explosion. I have replaced cardboard coins with metal ones in several games, so I wanted to see how Burger Tokens felt in comparison to some of my other favorite game bits.

I love them.

They are silky and smooth, with the rounded faces that make it super easy to give them a little tilt and pop them up off the surface of the table. They have the heft of coins with the slick touch of plastic bits. They are definitely more appealing to me than the actual yen I used to replace the coins in Machi Koro.

I can’t keep my hands off them when they are on the table, running them through my fingers constantly. Because the stickers fit so perfectly, there are no edges catching on anything, either. Burger Tokens feel amazing!

Feelings--the sensory input given by touching an object. And these give all sorts of good feelings when being touched. As you've heard from Benjamin and Alexa, you'll find yourself handling these and feeling them non-stop. While you are attaching them to both sides of a US Penny, technically you can use these with other coins (or without coins just attached to each other) to use them. Pennies do give them a good heft, though, and helps them feel heavier in your hand.

Just a heads-up on putting these together initially: Most of us have a bunch of pennies in a cup or jar somewhere, and/or just ignore them. You'll want to make sure you do a quick cleaning of the pennies to get rid of any tarnish caused by oxidation. This is as easy as dropping a little white vinegar in a small bowl, adding just a touch of salt, then dropping the pennies in the liquid. Agitate the liquid for a few seconds, and you'll see the penny just clear up and start to shine. Rinse with clean water, then dry the pennies and attach the sides to the pennies.


These tokens will stand up to your average, and above average (depending on what you term “above average”),  wear and tear. I put a token between my teeth (because science) and scraped it around for a bit, and while a few slight markings appeared  (and I'm talking slight), they were hardly noticeable. In fact, when I mixed them together with other tokens of the same type, I couldn’t tell which one I had chewed on. I had to shine my flashlight on them all to be able to tell a difference, and that difference, as mentioned, was slight. So yeah, I give durability a thumb’s up. Please note that while I scraped the token against my teeth in a grinding fashion, I didn’t do it as a T-Rex would while tearing into his food. It was firm, but not has hard as I could. I’m not that psycho, and I like my tokens looking nice...even when I'm doing a bite test.

I did not, in fact, bite my tokens…but I’m glad they lived up to that test, too! I was most worried about the stickers peeling off, so I did toss them in and out of a few different types of cups, bits bowls, and bags, just to see how they held up to being knocked around. So far, so good--I haven’t had a single sticker come off.

I was also a little nervous that I might accidentally slip a nail under the edge of the sticker while picking up a token and flip the sticker off that way, but the Burger Tokens are really a perfect fit for US pennies and go right up to the edge of the coin, so it doesn’t seem likely that a player would inadvertently pry one off, either.

Solidly put together, and with a great finish, these are a great set of accessories for the games that they support.With the clear coating on these along with the slight give on each one, you will be pleasantly surprised at the durability of these. My set has been used for the last 2 months on a weekly basis by multiple game groups, and they still look brand new.

One thing to note is that they do stick together when storing them, but are easily pulled apart. The weight of 50 pennies makes this feel incredibly solid in your hand, and on the table. With the slight curved edge of the front of each token, it makes it very easy to pick up from your play area, reducing the need to try and use your nails or something underneath it to pick it up. I even used some of the tokens in a board game to see how they would do on a cardboard surface and didn't have any issues at all.

Overall Quality:

Overall, the quality of these tokens is pretty dang good. The pennies are exceptionally durable; however, you do have to supply those yourself. The stickers are ulta-durable epoxy with 3M adhesive. I don’t know what half of that means from a technical sense, but I do agree that they’ll stand up to a lot of abuse.

Color me impressed with the overall quality of Burger Tokens. I did do my best to be very careful in cleaning the pennies first and then applying the stickers as precisely as possible, and pressing down around the edges as recommended. It probably took me 40 minutes to completely apply the stickers to the pennies, but the time was well worth it. I didn’t have any issues with application, and I haven’t had any issues with the look, feel, or durability either.

Burger Tokens don’t seem like coins with stickers on them…they really rise to the level of pre-made tokens.

Solid, clear graphics, great design, and the ability to use what most American's throw to the side (pennies) as a base for these, the designers have done a great job in filling a niche in the miniatures, card, and/or board game industry.

Final Thoughts:

Upon first arrival, I was skeptic. Now, I’ll be busting these Burger Tokens out as my main tokens at any X-Wing Miniatures event. I always love the promo tokens, and these are just as fun as my vinyl ones. They look nice and shiny (and we as gamers are mildly obsessed with nice and shiny components), the smooth feeling has me wanting to pull them out and feel them more often than is probably normal, and it would appear that they’re going to hold up longer than the generic tokens that come with X-Wing (many of my original, 1st Edition X-Wing tokens have been fading for years now). Also, they will withstand an abrupt blast of air, such as a sneeze or someone exhaling in frustration when their ship gets blown to kingdom come. Regular tokens may blow away, but Burger Tokens don't...as easily (trust me, I tried.) I was showing these tokens to my game group, and one of the folks I play with has some for Keyforge, and he really likes them, too, so there's that.

If you’re International (i.e. not within the United States), then the Burger Tokens website has a page for alternative coinage to use instead of pennies. However, being Canadian myself, I must shed a tear for my fellow Canucks that want to use these tokens but don’t have access to pennies. You see, the Canadian penny has been out of circulation for years. You can still find them, but it’s not like people carry them around anymore. So if you’re Canadian and don’t know what to use your pennies for, this is as good an option as any. Also, I’m out 50¢ in pennies due to having 50 of these tokens. But, it’s not like I (or you or anybody  else for that matter) actually pay for anything using pennies anymore. So I guess that solves that problem.

I was also skeptical at first, but I’m definitely a Burger Tokens convert. The sticker-on-coin format means your shipping costs (and their production costs) can be lower than with other custom game coins. The quality is very good and the sensory feel is amazing. I have been toting around a small cloth bag with my Money/Points Tokens and using them to keep score and substitute for money in a whole variety of games, but they’ve gotten the most use as scoring tokens for Sushi Go instead of needing a pad of paper. They are easy to keep on hand and work in a variety of situations, and I’m very pleased!

Ok look. We all know that we love add flair to our games and be able to show off the bling that separates our copy from the other ones out there. Having tokens available to help keep track of status, points, modifiers, or any other piece of data from a game and have them be completely different than what anyone else has in their copy of the game, or at the table and still have the core product makes us get all excited about the game we're playing, and more willing to show it off on the table.

These tokens are going to give you that "umph" when playing your games. Raised surface, great colors, easy to pick up, and with the penny adding enough weight to the token, a great feel. Price point on it is around $20 USD for each set, though you'll find a few extras for a bit more or less, depending on the game (Keyforge has some additional tokens available, as does X-Wing). Shipping and packaging was solid for the single set received.

Check out Burger Tokens on:

 https://burgertokens.com/   https://www.facebook.com/burgertokens   https://twitter.com/burgertokens   

Benjamin Kocher - Editor and Reviewer

Benjamin hails from Canada but now lives in Kentucky with his wife and kids. He's a certified copyeditor through UC San Diego's Copyediting Extension program. He's a freelance writer and editor, and covers everything from board game rule books to novels. An avid writer of science fiction and fantasy, it comes as no surprise that his favorite board games are those with rich, engaging themes. When he’s not writing or playing games, Benjamin loves to play ultimate Frisbee, watch and play rugby, and read the most epic fantasy books available. Follow him on Twitter @BenjaminKocher and Instagram @Kocherb, and read his board game-inspired fiction at BenjaminKocher.com.

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Delton Perez - Reviewer

Delton Perez is a FLGS owner with 2 locations in Puerto Rico. Originally from Boston, he currently lives in the wilds of Ohio, where he currently resides with his family. By day, he is a Retail Consultant working in New York in the Fashion Industry, but by night, meeples, dice, and cardboard take over. Delton also runs a gaming organization based in Northeast Ohio that focuses on running game nights at Libraries, Schools, and Churches on a scheduled, monthly basis. At times, Delton has even been able to sleep, though proof has yet to be found.

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Alexa Chaplin- Reviewer

My name is Alexa: I'm a life-long game player and homeschooling mom to two awesome kids. I've loved board games since my early days playing Scrabble and Gin Rummy with my grandmother, and life only got more interesting when I married a Battletech enthusiast and fellow game lover. We've played games with our kids since they were small, and I helped start a thriving homeschool co-op where we have weekly sessions of board games with kids.  In a family with kids raised on Catan and Pandemic, life is sure to be fun! You may run into me on Twitter, BoardGameGeek, and other social media as MamaGames. Be sure to say hi!

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