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GeekOn Bag Review

Quick Look: GeekOn Bag


The folks at GeekOn have provided us at EBG a GeekOn Bag for review. Below are my thoughts after using it for game nights and review production for a couple weeks. If you find yourself wanting any of the items listed below, GeekOn provided our readers with a code for 20% off your entire order: EBG20.


tl;dr: Quite possibly the best game-hauling bag you'll ever put on your shoulders. And the most expensive.

Thoughts: Let's first get the ugly stuff out of the way. Yes, this bag retails at $200. That's the bad news. The good news is that if you're the gamer in your group with the collection, but not the space to play, then this is gonna be the best bag for you. The sheer quality is outstanding, and the phenomenal use of space is mind boggling. Every time you put another game in the fully-expanded bag, you think to yourself, "Surely this will be the game that uses the rest of the space." But it's not. It never is. It seems like there's always room for one more game in this thing, and that's a full-on testament to the design of this bag. It's gorgeous, sleek, and eminently functional.

This photo shows 6 large-box games (Clank! and Everdell Collectors Edition are HUGE space hogs) and the bag zips up easily with these inside. The top pocket is great for an overnight change of clothes and some toiletries, or, if you're still not sure that you've brought enough, even more games. What you see above is the optional GeekOn Dice tray. It's a zippable, padded dice holder with a pull-away dice tray. There are specific straps to hold it in place in the bag, and for your D&D or Magic sessions, it sits perfectly next to you on the table, ready to be rolled into.


The inside of the main flap has mesh zippered pouches for extra components or small-box games, but the main carry section is specifically designed to hold the Quad-Mod container. This game holder seems to be designed to hold games without their boxes--games like Welcome To... or the above-pictured Fire in the Library would probably work fine in this extra component, but anything with a board is going to be a miss for this. However, it is a well designed and elegant solution for games that can fit into one of the mesh pouches. Your mileage may vary on the usefulness of the QuadMod. For me, I'm struggling to find a good use for it--I love the game boxes.

Finally, the side pouches hold small-box games just fine, but aren't big enough to hold clothes or anything you might need for an overnight game trip. The bottom side pouches perfectly hold a water bottle or the optional waterproof playmat holder (or both!), which is one of the optional add-ons I highly recommend. The playmat holder zips up tight with the GeekOn waterproof zippers featured on the main bag as well. These are great, though require some time to loosen up and zip freely. After a few uses, though, the zippers strike the perfect balance between usability and true waterproofing. I was transporting a few games in a classic Minnesota rain-and-snow storm, and between the zippers and the fabric of the bag, my games and playmat stayed perfectly toasty and dry. The playmat tube provides the same protection as the triangle-shaped hard plastic tubes everyone loves, but does so in a smaller, more flexible fashion. It's truly great, and if you don't pick up a bag, grab one of these at the very least. It's even large enough to hold those 3'x3' X-Wing mats.


There are a myriad of other features to love: The 17" laptop slot (pictured directly above), the front flap for RPG books and other papers, the shoulder-strap keychain holder, even the armored top flap for sunglasses or cables (or, again, both). All of these contribute to making this one of the best gaming bags I've ever seen, let alone used. What I desperately wanted from it, though, that it doesn't do very well, is for it to replace my carryon for conventions. With little available space for both games and shoes/clothes, I'm still going to need to carry things separately in a true piece of luggage. And, while this comes close, it doesn't quite replace my everyday backpack. I tried to move everything over, but with my mess of cables and chargers, pens, voice recorder, laptop and charger, I just couldn't quite find an elegant configuration for that. I'm going to keep trying, though, because I think it's possible. Overall, I think there's enough to love here to warrant the price, especially if you haul games a lot like I do, and if you take advantage of EBG's 20% off code (listed at the top of this article).

The Good: Well thought-out and designed. Materials are top-quality and waterproof. Space galore. Pockets for days. Perfect front panel for pins.

The Bad: Missing the standard backpack-style slots for pens and such. Price is a determining factor for sure.

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Nicholas Leeman - Reviewer

Nicholas has been a board game evangelist for over 10 years now, converting friends and family alike to the hobby. He's also a trained actor and works summers as one of the PA announcers for the St. Paul Saints. He lives in Minneapolis, MN with his board gaming wife and son.

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