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Champions of the Galaxy Review

Quick Look:

Designer: Tom Filsinger
Artists: Darryl Banks, Brian Michael Bendis, Chuck Carter, Hannibal King, Werner Mueck, Scott Rosema, Larry Snelly,and Jeremy Su
Publisher: Filsinger Games
Year Published:
No. of Players:
Playing Time:
30 minutes

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"That's not necessary! So what if I betrayed my father to Mars, then betrayed Mars about the betrayal? I know two wrongs don't make a right, but I have 3 wrongs! That's equal to one right with a remainder of 1 wrong! That should reverse everything! I'm in the clear!"

KevinMask - Kinnikuman

From the publisher:

Champions of the Galaxy is a card game combining sci-fi and wrestling into an all-action game! It's Star Wars meets the WWE! You'll enter the Future of Wrestling in the GWF!

Champions of the Galaxy is a card and dice game that features playing cards for 24 galactic wrestling legends! The playing cards have a drawing of the wrestler on the front and game information on the back. Champions of the Galaxy features a fast-action game system that allows matches to take place in real time. You can play alone or with friends.

I have played RPGs on and off since the 80's. Dungeons and Dragons, obviously--I think that's where everyone starts for the most part. From there, I went to Marvel superheroes and DC. Friends showed me other games and I enjoyed them, but I was looking for something more. And in the back of Pro Wrestling Illustrated was a game called Champions of the Galaxy. I was excited and confused as to what this was. An RPG/Wrestling game I could play with friends or on my own? And it was shipped from only an hour away from my house? Many hours were spent playing that first black-and-white set. And as with most things, life changes and time moves on and your interests change. However, GWF kept going... and growing... and every year since 1986, a new chapter was added to the story, and it incredibly still lives on today. The game has a fiercely loyal fanbase that meets for Galacticon every year. I have returned to one of the first games of my youth, and I want to tell you about it.


Rules and Setup:
Each player will choose a wrestler or a tag team they wish to use, or in a single-player scenario, you can set up the match completely.


Sci-Fi, Pro Wrestling

Dice, Story Telling

Game Play:
(Two player- Basic Game)
Each player places their wrestler in front of them and grabs one die (D6). Each player rolls, and the player with the highest roll goes first. There are six moves in each level of offense, with three levels total. The starting player starts on level 1 and rolls. Based on the move that is rolled, the opponent will roll on their defensive chart trying to fight off or counter the move their opponent did. This will continue until a player can reaches the third level where finishing move and pin attempts can be achieved. If the person rolls a number lower than their pin/submission value then they are defeated. If not, the match continues. There are also disqualifications and count-outs like a regular pro wrestling match (as well as interference). There are also several advanced rules that make the matches more in-depth.

Artwork and Components:

Originally, the game was in black and white. The starter set is a reissue of the first set, now in full color and new art, which really helps bring the characters to life. You also receive a book giving the backstory on each wrestler. Subsequent seasons lay out the story-lines for the upcoming year. 

The Good:

This game can be a simple one-off match, or you can run a league (or multiple league like my one friend does). It's easy to teach, and people can just dive right into it.

The Bad:

The dice are very small, but I am positive you have some D6s laying around if this is an issue for you.

Final Thoughts:

I have recently gone all-in again on this game, and there are two reasons for this. The first is that it really helps me with my creative writing. The outcomes are not predetermined, so most of the time you are changing storylines on the fly based on who wins, who gets attacked, and who gets injured. The second reason is that I love to game, but as most of us know, it is very difficult to get a group of people together. We all want to game, but we all work different shifts and have various family responsibilities. I can pick up GWF any time I want and go for it. I was happy to rediscover this game after so long of an absence, and I think it will unlock the inner promoter in you and spark your creativity.

Players Who Like:
RPGs, Storytelling, Sci-Fi, Wrestling.

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James Freeman - Reviewer

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Champions of the Galaxy Review Champions of the Galaxy Review Reviewed by James Freeman on March 13, 2019 Rating: 5

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