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#BadPlots Kickstarter Preview

Old man pretends to be bedridden for decades after getting fired, then attempts to steal and sell a new product, ruining his old employer – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Quick Look:

Designer/Artist: Carl Earl
Publisher: Run & Remember Games
Year Published: 2019
No. of Players: 2-10
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 30-60 minutes

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WARNING: This is a review of a prototype for #Badplots. All components and rules are prototype and subject to change.

From the Publisher: A Party/Card/Trivia game that challenges players to identify a movie based on a terrible (but accurate) plot synopsis. Players take turns selecting a movie from their hand and reading the synopsis aloud. The other players then attempt to guess the movie (with the active player giving up to three hints listed on the card). If someone correctly identifies the movie, then the active player discards it and draws a replacement movie from the deck. If the players are stumped, the movie is discarded without being replaced. Play continues until someone runs out of cards and wins.


Rules and Setup:
#BadPlots is a fun card game aimed at groups up to 10 in size, where each player will take turns reading the plot of a movie and allowing the rest of the players to try and figure out the movie. Setup for the game is incredibly simple. Shuffle the cards (the base game comes with 170 different movie cards), deal each player a hand of five cards, then determine the first player.

Each card consists of three different sections, which are the Title, Description, then three sets of Hints. On your turn, you will read the description out to all the players and see if anyone is able to guess the title. If not, you'll start reading the hints, giving each person a chance to guess the name of the movie. If someone guesses the title of the movie, discard the card and draw a new one. If no one is able to guess the movie, then discard the card and do not draw a replacement card. Gameplay continues around the group until one person does not have any cards in hand.

The game also comes with three alternate set of rules/variants called Party Mode, Make S%#T Up, and Drinking Variant. Each one still consists of a set of the base rules, but may include a timed mode, a mode where you can ad-lib your own movie and the rest vote at the end if it's accurate, and one where a beverage of choice would be imbibed.

Theme and Mechanics:
Thematically, the game is very solid, and you can see that thought has been done to come up with a large number of movies in the initial box. As mentioned above, there are 170 different movies described in the cards, covering movies from every genre, going back to Pre-1960s.

Mechanically, the gameplay is very solid and easy to learn. You start with a hand of five cards, and after your turn, will discard the card read and only draw one back if someone was able to guess your movie.

Game Play:
Game play for #BadPlots is stated to play with 2-10 players. After playing it a number of times, you really do need a good 4-5 starting players in it to make it shine. Learning and playing the game is incredibly easy, as the only thing you need to be able to do is read the information on the card. With a group of 4-5 fun-loving players, you can easily get around 40 minutes of gameplay, but beware; any serious moviephile will likely take the fun out of the base game. If you do play with those, then I would recommend playing with the variant that allows players to make up their own descriptions for the movies with voting at the end to see if it's accurate.

Artwork and Components:
As stated, a prototype was provided for this review consisting of a PDF, so quality of artwork and components cannot be judged. Given that, you can see a sample layout of what the cards may look like above in this review.

The Good:
This is a fast, fun game with the right crowd of people, especially those who enjoy trivia games. You'll be reading descriptions of movies that may seem easy for some ("Distinguished war veteran forced to flee homeland after convincing nun to forsake her vows") to some more challenging ones ("Young Russian immigrant saves his neighborhood from local mobster"), and folks will have a great laugh trying to figure them out. For more fun, try the variants!

The Bad:
As with most games like this, it really depends on the group you are playing the game with. If you have someone who hasn't watched movies, or the other end where they've watched lots of movies, the fun can be taken out of the game. There are also a few cards that do use movies that are based on Christianity and some folks may not like those, but there are very few (four cards total) and can easily be removed. Also, while 170 cards do come in the game, after playing it a few times, the game will seem a bit repetitive. This can easily be done by having blank cards added to the game that can be written on with a dry-erase marker for re-use. The variants do add more fun, and we found them more enjoyable than the base ruleset.

Final Thoughts:
This is a great game for getting the family around the table and trying to guess movies that likely have been seen by a large number of the players. The author of the game did not go for old and obscure movies, but has gone with movies that the current generation will know, ranging from Disney family movies, to current Marvel movies.

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Delton Perez - Reviewer

Delton Perez is a FLGS owner with 2 locations in Puerto Rico. Originally from Boston, he currently lives in the wilds of Ohio, where he currently resides with his family. By day, he is a Retail Consultant working in New York in the Fashion Industry, but by night, meeples, dice, and cardboard take over. Delton also runs a gaming organization based in Northeast Ohio that focuses on running game nights at Libraries, Schools, and Churches on a scheduled, monthly basis. At times, Delton has even been able to sleep, though proof has yet to be found.

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