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Alliance Kickstarter Preview

Quick Look:

Designer: Cole Kornell
Artists: Sutthiwat Dechakamphu
Publisher: Self Published

Year Published: 2019
No. of Players: 2
Ages: 6+
Playing Time: 35-60

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“At 8:23 there seemed every chance of a lasting alliance starting between Florin and Guilder. At 8:24 the two nations were very close to war.” 

William Goldman, The Princess Bride

From the publisher:
Alliance: The Card Game is a fantasy, dueling card game with warring factions, fighting to become the new and true Alliance. Players can enjoy this simple-to-learn, two-player, battle game between armies to defeat your opponent's Leader and win the battle. The game of chance, simplified strategy, and fantasy warfare!

Zaldar's return from the dead, with a dragon army behind him, has shaken the world and now armies and factions of all kinds rally for war! The world needs a new Alliance, but who will form this new Alliance? Will Zaldar reign supreme? Or will it be...you?

War can be started for many reasons. One of the oddest in history is The War of the Bucket.
The War of the Bucket was fought between the rival city-states of Bologna and Modena, in northern Italy. Yes, Modenese soldiers did steal a bucket from a city well, but a 300-year-long struggle had also been going on. During this struggle (in the year 1325) a group of Modenese soldiers decided to raid the rival town of Bologna, and–to make matters worse–they brought back a trophy (the bucket) to proudly show off in their hometown. Infuriated, the Bolognese called on its army to attack Modena and retrieve the prized possession. The war, which went on for 12 years, was one of the largest battles of the Middle Ages–though it didn’t give Bologna its bucket back; Modena won the battle, so the bucket remains in the city to this day.


Rules and Setup:
Each player chooses a side. Place your leader closest to you. The leader will not be able to battle until the army in front of the leader is defeated. Shuffle your deck and place your deck face-down. Each player then draws the top 5 cards from their deck and places them face-up in front of their leaders in the slots on the board marked "army." Place the remaining cards in your deck area

Dice rolling

Game Play:
Both players roll the die. Whoever rolls the highest number goes first. Each turn consists of a Placement Phase and a Battle Phase.

Placement Phase - If you have an army space open, place the next top card from your deck in its place.

Battle Phase - You may attack twice per turn, but not with the same character. First, you must declare who you're attacking by whom you're attacking with. The attack is pending on the location of your character and their attack ability. The melee characters may only attack the enemy in front of them, to the left, or to the right. A ranged character may not attack the character directly in front of them, but may attack anyone else. If your character has both symbols, they can attack anyone. Roll the die. If the number matches your character's roll number, you deal the character's corresponding attack number to your opponent's character's health points. If not, the attack misses and no damage is dealt. If the damage is dealt more than your opponent's character's health points, then the character is slain and placed in the slain area on the board. If damage dealt is less than your opponent's character's health points, then health points are replaced with the correctly numbered health point token. When your army is eliminated, you use your leader to attack. When his health is zero, you lose the game.

Artwork and Components:
The artwork is outstanding. The backgrounds give you the feeling that you are in the middle of a battle. The characters look perfect for a fantasy-themed game, and there are lots of dragons; who doesn't like that? The flavor text is a nice added feature.

The Good:
The art is top notch and, although heavy, the die is very nice.

The Bad:
This is a dice-driven game. If that's not your thing this is not the game for you.

Final Thoughts:
I can see this theme appealing to a younger player for sure, and the basic game is easy enough to teach for any age. As far as the advanced game goes, the strategy cards add a layer to the game beyond the basic rules. There is no defending; this is an all-out attack style game and all your attacks are rooted in the roll of the die. Speaking of the die, I would also like to see a die for each faction in the final version or a stretch goal which has each faction's color (red or blue) on it. Some will win, some will lose, no one in your army has the ability to sing the blues. Unless they add it as a stretch goal.

Players Who Like:
D6's, Dice chucking & Dragons.

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On KICKSTARTER now, campaign ends March 8, 2019.

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