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Blank Slate Review

“I am a blank slate - therefore I can create anything I want.” – Tobey Maguire

Quick Look:

Designer: Robert A. Kemp
Artist: N/A
Publisher: USAopoly
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 3-8
Ages: 8+
Playing Time: 20-35 minutes

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From the Publisher: Pick one of over 250 Word Cue cards (with 500 total cues), write the word you think best completes the phrase – and try to match it exactly to another player’s word without giving a single hint.


Rules and Setup:
Blank Slate is a game where you are working to fill in the blank and match your answer with one other player without giving any clues. Using dry-erase slates and markers, one player will turn over a card, and everyone will write a word that adds to the visible word. If two people match with the words they wrote, they get 3 points. If more than two people match in the words, they each get 1 point. Every word that does not have a match receives 0 points. First player to 25 points wins the game!

Setup is very easy. Each player will get a slate and marker and will write their name on the scoreboard line that matches the color of their slate. Select the first player, who will turn over the first card and read the grey side of the card. Once it has been read, place the card on the table so all the players can see it. Each player then tries to guess what the other players are writing down and write the matching word on their slate. Once an answer has been written, the slate should be turned over until all players have turned theirs over.

Starting with the person to the left of the player that pulled and read the card, each player will turn over their slate and read the answer. Once all slates have been turned over, score the words (if any match) and mark the score tracker. Place the card in the back of the box with the discard (white) side facing forward, pass the card tray to the next player, and continue gameplay.

Theme and Mechanics:
Thematically, you are working on filling in a blank part of the word or phrase, while trying to match other players. Mechanically, it is very solid, and while some people may get a little bit of analysis paralysis in trying to match other players, the words used have easy-to-find common words or phrases to match.

Game Play:
Gameplay is very simple, and the rulebook allows for proper nouns and compounded words to be used, so gameplay is smooth and keeps moving along at a good pace. During gameplay, you’ll sometimes try and figure out how some of the other players are thinking and try to match them only to find that they did the same.

Artwork and Components:
The artwork used in the game fits well with the name, giving a slate-like appearance to the score board, card backgrounds, and slates, using a slight-grey textured look. Components are very well done, using a solid card stock for the cards, and a heavier cardboard for the slates and score board.

The Good:
Very fast to learn and fun to play, you’ll find yourself over-analyzing the other players to try and match their style. With 250 cards included in the box, and each card having two words on it, you’ll be able to play this a number of times without fear of repetitiveness. The game is also very easy to play with groups of mixed-age players.

The Bad:
While the game says it supports up to 8 players, the sweet spot is really around 5-6 players, as it can get slow with more in there. You also can run into an issue where people feel that they need to explain why they picked the word they did, which can also drag the game. Obviously, that’s not an issue with the game itself, just an observation we had while playing.

Final Thoughts:
This was a surprise hit for the play groups I put this in front of. With a few of them, they felt they needed to come up with a theme for the game, insisting that all words be related to a certain theme just to up the difficulty. With some house rules in place surrounding using it with a theme (for example, two popular themes were Cartoons and Movies, and no more than 30 seconds to fill in the slate), the game would fly, and everyone would enjoy it. With several folks asking for this to be played at the end of the day, this was a great way to relax and de-stress after an evening of more intense games. This will stay on the shelf that has all the games we love to play on game night or with people who aren’t familiar with a lot of board games. For those who are looking for a copy of this, you can find this at Target or Amazon only.

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