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Adventure Scents Video Review

Quick Look:

Designer:  Oddfish Games

From the manufacturer:
Adventure Scents are funky fragrances based on common adventure locations – from Mummy’s Tomb to Welcoming Inn. Our scented beads are long-lasting and come in several easy-to-use formats. Open a jar of Enchanted Forest or Moldy Crypt to set the scene for role-playing games, TV shows, books or computer games! No heat or flame required. Or, add scented beads to one of our scented lockets so you can smell like a Vampire’s Lair or Time Machine to go with your cosplay.

Check out Adventure Scents on:

   https://oddfishgames.com/oddfish-games/adventure-scents/   https://www.facebook.com/adventurescents/?ref=br_rs   https://twitter.com/adventurescents?lang=en   https://www.instagram.com/adventurescents/         

James Freeman - Reviewer

James is a child of the 80's he grew playing D&D and Stratego. He currently owns more games than his understanding wife of 20+ years thinks he should. James lives in Buffalo, New York with his previously mentioned wife, 2 teenage kids and one Havanese dog. Also, if someone outside of Buffalo says they serve buffalo wings, they are lying.

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Adventure Scents Video Review Adventure Scents Video Review Reviewed by James Freeman on January 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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