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Privacy Review

“If you read someone else's diary, you get what you deserve” – David Sedaris

Quick Look:

Designer: Reinhard Staupe
Artist: Oliver Freudenreich
Publisher: USAopoly
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 5-10
Ages: 18+
Playing Time: 30-45 minutes

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From the Publisher: Privacy is the adult party game in which players finally get answers to the provocative questions they were afraid to ask. Players anonymously answer outrageous and depraved questions by securing “Yes” or “No” votes, then predict how many total “Yes” answers were submitted. Points are awarded to the players who guess correctly. Tell the truth or plead the fifth while using your deduction skills to learn what you’ve always wanted to know about your friends. Warning: Not intended for the shameless.


Rules and Setup:
Privacy is a fast and fun adult party game, where adults will be asking provocative or salacious questions to the players, allowing each player to answer it anonymously, and everyone voting on how many "Yes" answers will be in the box when all answers are tallied. With a voting box, Yes/No tokens, a scoreboard, voting dials, and 100 different questions, Privacy will bring laughter and stories to be told for years.

Each player starts by takes a voting dial and color-matching wooden token and placing it on the scoring board (a cool Privacy door hanger). They also will also take a random number of Yes/No answer chips and place them face down in front of them (this pile is always available, and each player can take any number of them to stay anonymous). Shuffle the question cards and place them in a pile, pick the starting player, and begin! Gameplay goes on until one player has over 20 points.

Before we start talking about how gameplay works, let’s take a moment and talk about the cards themselves. On the back of each card, there will either be a number (1-4) or a picture of a flame. This determines which question is read. As each card has 4 questions on it, when a number is on the card, you will read the matching question. If a flame is visible, it is up to the active user to select which question they want to read.

Each round consists of 5 parts, starting with the question. The active player reads the question on the card, then takes the voting box and places their answer in it. They pass the box to the player on the left, and play continues until all players have submitted their answers. Each player then guesses with their voting dial how many people answered yes. The active player empties the box with the results, counting and announcing the number of Yes votes.

After the laughter and shock has passed, each player will look at their voting dial to see if they guessed correctly. If you guessed correctly, you get 2 points. If your vote is off by 1, you still get 1 point. For the sake of anonymity (such as in cases where there is one Yes vote), the rules do have 2 optional methods to handle those situations, which are very helpful).

Reset the pool, pass the ballot box to the player on the left, and continue to the next round! First to pass 20 points wins!

Theme and Mechanics:
Thematically, the cards are spot on. Let me state again that this is most definitely an adult game. Not all questions are surrounding intimacy, but are most definitely aimed at adults and around adult topics (including health/bodily functions and moral choices). While this game was originally created back in 2004, USAopoly has stepped up and updated the components and questions.

Mechanically, this game is very streamlined and easy to pick up and play. Ask a question, capture answers from each player, count the results, and get points. It's that simple!

Game Play:
Very easy to pick up and play. With a clean layout and easy rules, your friends will be playing this game within a minute of having it set up.

Artwork and Components:
The artwork is clean, simple, and fits perfectly with the style of the game. Cards are grey and white and are very easy to read, with clean lines and simple graphics on all the components. Card stock is a little on the lighter side, but the wood pieces, cardboard chits, voting dials, and voting box are all top-notch. Seriously, it's impressive for a party game to have pieces this good.

The Good:
Fast to pick up and play; with the right friends and beverages, this is a hit! Components (other than the thin cards) are of a great quality, and the questions will make your friends laugh nonstop. Playing with fast turns in large groups make this a sure hit.

The Bad:
While we know this is an adult game, some of the questions seem to be more a filler than to have people smirk and laugh in the game (e.g. 'Is love a choice,' 'Do you drink alone,' etc). Also, 100 cards? It sounds weird, but the game needs an expansion with more questions. As you'll likely find yourself playing this with some friends repeatedly, some of the questions will come across more than once after 3-4 games.

Final Thoughts:
Fun, fast, and hilarious - all of this is heavily dependent on having the right group of people for the game. And it works! I've played this with a number of different groups of people (including a random group at a bar in New York City who absolutely loved it), and was able to have lots of laughter around when we played. A number of times, people didn't care about the score, but would be more about trying to figure out who answered what. That's the sign of a good game.

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